Yoga For Depression

In today's busy life depression has become a very common problem. According to Hansabehn of the Yoga Institute it is said to be severe when the person suffers from changed sleep patterns and does not take interest in meeting people. When consulted regarding a case of depression, all the experts first check how severe the problem is and then only suggest the treatment. In the cases where the person's condition is alarming, they recommend yoga along with medication because then their prime objective is to get the person out of the state of depression first. However, if the problem is not that serious then yoga alone, without medication, can do wonders.

Before Starting Yoga
Realization of the state of depression is very important before starting treatment for it. A woman is said to be depressed when her emotions dominate over the intellect. For example, she gets hurt fast and on unimportant issues and she feels that she is not getting what she deserves. She is often full of negative thoughts and finds herself unable to cope. In long term the women identify with their depression to such a great extent that they see it as part of their personalities. And this is an alarming situation, as they do not realize that there is something wrong with them.

When it is time to begin the treatment, the first thing yoga experts will look into is diet of the person. An important factor that makes a woman feel depressed is availability of lot of acid in their digestive systems. Therefore they must take liquids every two hours as it helps remove the acidity and cleanse the system. It has been observed that in the cases of depression women either tend to overeat or lose their appetite. Hence it is necessary to have regular meals on time everyday while making efforts to get organized.

High level of energy keeps a person in high spirits therefore it is important to increase your energy level. For this morning walk is very good. After you get up in the morning have a warm glass of water. It cleanses out the toxins. Then perform the 'asanas' that stretch the body and 'asanas' that comprise lifting the head up towards the sky. For example, 'Tal-aasan' (mountain pose), is a good way to stretch the body. Keep yourself involved in work through the day to keep the problems away from you.

Lift Your Spirits
Spend your time in reading books, painting, music or other hobbies that you enjoy. Books that can make you laugh are highly recommended. Inspirational works such as biographies are also a must read.
The habit of writing about a few good things that you experience each day would also help you a lot. Some women are more susceptible to depression than others. For them, it is essential to keep a kit of jokes, books and movies with them. And, last but not the least, having friends, chatting to them going out with them is also helpful.

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