Anti Aging

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon, which comes with wrinkles, declined physical capacity, memory loss, mental and logical sharpness, weakening of the function of sense organs, incoming of diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, etc, gray hair and so on. Though we can not stay young forever but we can keep healthy with the help of a healthy eating and living style.

Vitamin C

Probably the best home remedy for anti aging, vitamin C increases immune function and enables the body to fight viruses, bacteria and allergens much more efficiently. Vitamin C also encourages the repair and regrowth of body tissue.

Vitamin C is good for preventing lots of serious ailments including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Vitamin C increases iron absorption, so do not take vitamin C supplements if you have high levels of iron in your your blood.

For anti aging benefits, take 500 mg three times a day with meals.

Calcium D-glucarate

Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of calcium D-glucarate, which expedites the removal of disease-promoting compunds, like estrogen and also minimizes lipid (fat) levels in the blood.

This home remedy for anti aging can be found in broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, oranges, apples and grapefruit.

For anti-aging purposes, eat these foods three times a day, or take a daily dose of a calcium D-glucarate supplement in the amount of 1500 mg.

Tips for anti aging food: -

When the strength of body and mind diminishes it needs more energy and power which comes from healthy and nutritious food. It regenerates and repairs the cells and tissues of the body.

Antioxidants: - our body has some free radicals of oxygen, which accelerate the aging process. The antioxidants consume these radicals and slow up aging. Eat fish, coconut, fruits and nuts. Avoid oily, non vegetarian and underground vegetables like potatoes etc,

Anti-inflammatory: - food, which is rich in antioxidants slow, up the cellular process and are anti inflammatory.

Minerals: - minerals are a part of healthy and balanced diet. But with age because the capacity of body to produce some compounds decreases they should be taken in more quantity. Body needs more vitamins and calcium.

Fruits and vegetables: - all citrus fruits have fibers, which are easy to digest, and are rich in vitamin c. all colored fruits are antioxidants. Green leafy vegetables have iron and other minerals. Salad should be included in the diet. Juices are a boon for anti aging. They also provide instant energy and low risk of weight gain.

Whole grains: - whole grains have soluble fiber and it is also has anti oxidant agents. It reduces the blood cholesterol level. Avoid canned food.

Water: - it maintains the body temperature and keep the skin and all other organs hydrated. They help in detoxification.

Stress: - stress gives rise to many problems which include disease like blood pressure, heart attack, depression and diabetes. Do regular exercise and yoga to keep stress under control.

Ultraviolet: - ultra violet rays from the sun are the major cause of wrinkles. They are most intense from10 to 4 in the evening. Avoid going in sun at this time and use sunscreen lotion while going in the sun.

Avoiding smoking and alcohol: - smoking and alcohol are injurious to health and it accelerates the rate of aging. It adversely effects the liver and lungs.

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