Cinnamon For Diabetes

Diabetes is a very problematic disease but this problem could be minimized up to a great level with the help of a teaspoon of cinnamon a day. This could really help prevent or at least delay the onset of diabetes II, non-insulin-dependent diabetes. This is what a report published recently in the New Scientist says. This type of diabetes usually develops in the later periods of life. And it causes more than 100 million premature deaths per year through out the world.


This disease causes


Muscle cells gradually lose their ability to respond to insulin

Hormones direct cells to remove excess glucose from the blood stream

Glucose builds up in the blood which, further causes


Weight loss

Blurred vision

Agricultural Research Unit in Maryland conducted a new research, witch indicates that cinnamon not only rekindles the ability of fat cells in those suffering from diabetes to respond to insulin but also increases glucose removal almost twenty fold.

By the next year clinical trials on humans using a cinnamon extract is about to start. But in the words of nutritionist Richard Anderson, "People with type II diabetes could help themselves now. We recommend that people take a quarter to a full teaspoon a day of cinnamon, in coffee, tea or orange juice."
Cinnamon is recommended as a simple but very effective, no-drug way for all those who suffer from diabetes.

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