Pimple - Acne - Fair skin

If you are suffering with pimple or acne on your face, you should be more careful about your face beauty.

I will give you some tips and some precautions that you have to apply during pimple problem.


1. Never touch or press pimples and acne.

2. When you wash your face don't rub with towel, only soak the water gently.

Tips to reduce pimple and acne.

1. Avoid oily and more spicy food.

2. Avoid alcoholic products.

3. Avoid tea or coffee.

4. Avoid dairy products. Can use toned milk only.

5. Use maximum boiled food.

6. Increase quantity of salad in your meal.

7. Use more boiled vegetables in your meal.

8. Use fresh fruit more.

9. At bed time wash your face with antiseptic lotion daily.

10. Don't use any oily cream on your face.

If you follow these tips and precautions, you will get rid of with pimple or acne very soon and you will get a fair skin. It will also cure your acne problem and you will get a fair complexion.

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