Natural Cures for Low Sperm Count

A low sperm count will causes difficulty in conception. Some of the common problems that men suffer are low sperm count, unhealthy sperm, quantity and quality of the sperm. For semen to be healthy it should either be white or grey colored, thick and more in quantity.

So what causes for the low sperm count?
1. Wearing a very tight pants/underwear/non breathable underpants (non-cotton) causes heat to build up at the testis. This will lower the production of semen and sperm. Sperm production need lower temperature than the normal body temperature, thats why the scrotum is located outside "hanging" rather than inside the body. This goes the same with bathing in hot water, sitting in hot tub for long hours, being over weight in which fat layers sag on testicles reduce sperm count.

2. Alcohol can damage sperm. Limit your alcohol intake when you are trying to improve your fertility.

3. Stop Smoking! because Smokers have been shown to be up to half as fertile as non smokers.

4. There are a number of drugs that affect fertility, amongst them are steroids, cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatments and opiates.

5. Increased masturbation with repeated ejaculation over a short duration of time will lower the sperm count. Hence maintaining a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keeps a man more fertile.

The Natural Cures for low sperm counts:

1. Have sex & masturbate less often - the more times you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.

2. Stop smoking, stop consuming Alcohol etc. - Alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm productions.

3. Avoid Heating of the testicles to provide an ambient climate for the testicles.You can wear cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas.

4. Loose weight, and exercise more often.

5. Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins. Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods. Quit eating refined foods like sugar, white flour, reduce caffeine intake (coffee, soft drinks, etc)and finally stop eating processed food

6. Reduce stress levels by learning relaxation techniques - Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of YOGA and MEDITATION.

7. Drink more water at least 7 glass of water everyday to avoid dehydration. Our body needs water to work (75% body content is water).

How to Increase Semen Volume to the Max naturally?

1. Eat Foods that is rich in zinc and some amino acids - oysters, lamb, turkey, barley, wheat, beans, nuts, red meat, pumpkin seeds,avocados, bananas and almonds. (Amino Acids : spinach, seaweed (spirulina), poultry, sesame seeds, avocado, egg whites ).

Oysters are rich in zinc and are know to increase sperm and testosterone production. It contains dopamine which increases the sexual desire.

2. Eat Celery because Celery is one of food products known to have great properties for sexual stimulation. It contains androsterone, an odor free hormone which is very inviting for women. Raw celery is the best way to increase that desire.

3. Take Vitamins C, E, B12 - for antioxidant properties and sperm productions.

4. Foods with selenium - Brazil nuts, tuna, red meat, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese

5. Lycopene - tomatoes, ketchup, pink grapefruit, guava

6. Folate (Folic Acid) - asparagus, beets, broccoli, beans, citrus fruits, other "leafy green" vegetables

Herbs that can boost semen productions naturally.

1. Ginko Biloba - best known for it's "brain-boosting" power, Ginko Biloba has been rumored to increase libido in both sexes. Also increases blood flow throughout the body.

2. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum) - increases sperm cell production, common aphrodisiac. Known to help with impotence and erectile difficulty (ED).

3. Maca - maca extracts can heighten libido and improve semen quality.

4. Eurycoma longifolia Jack (a.k.a Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi)- become popular for its alleged testosterone-enhancing properties in south east asia. It has therefore been included in some herbal supplements for bodybuilders. Historically, it has been used by the folk medicine in its countries of origin as a libido enhancer and to treat various sexual dysfunctions. Many today still find it very helpful treatment for sexual dysfunction.

5. Xian Mao - used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine as a safe aphrodisiac and hormone stimulant.

Exercise tips for Powerful Ejaculations.

1. Exercising the muscles around the penis yourself, especially the muscle called the pubococcygeal muscle. Some studies note that men who exercise their muscles actually can sometimes with-hold orgasms better. This exercise is known as Kegel Exercise.

2. When you have an erection, contracting them causes it to move, making them easy to identify. Once you have the muscles identified, there are three types of exercises to do:

a) Try contracting the muscles and holding them that way for a slow count of ten. You may not be able to last that long at first, but that is why you are exercising.
b) Force them to relax by bearing down as though you were constipated and trying to force a bowel movement.
c) Twitch (contract and release) the muscles as fast as you can ten times in a row.

3. Do Yoga


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