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Different people view the question of how to get pregnant from differing perspectives. While happy, contented couples are sure to eye the issue of pregnancy with a great deal of romanticism, love and emotion, such might not be the case with couples who have problems in becoming parents. Indeed, the inability to conceive a child can result in twisted thoughts in one?s mind, resulting from acute mental pain and frustration.

Most newly-married couples are averse to the idea of becoming parents very early on in their married lives. However, as a couple becomes familiar to each other, the earlier inhibitions begin to disappear. Indeed, in a few months time, couples might actually start wishing to have a baby. This is perfectly in keeping with normal female sentiments, which crave to become a mother as that would fulfill her feminism. The current worldly scenario may be uncertain, layoffs from work may be at a very high level, competition might be fierce, and the daily cost of living may be rather exorbitant. However, the desire of a wife to become a mother overcomes all these factors.

A lady, who is wondering how to get pregnant, needs to be aware that there are certain ground rules that would ensure the healthy disposition of both herself and her soon-to-be-born child. While planning to conceive a baby in a healthy manner, women need to abide by the following generic guidelines:

? Start to prepare for conceiving the baby at least 3 to 4 months before the actual date,

? Adopt a healthy, holistic approach, which would be aimed at the physical well-being of both the mother and the child,

? Put a stop to consuming cigarettes and/or alcoholic liquors, since they can adversely affect pregnancy,

? Avoid taking intoxicating drugs,

? Make it a habit to take in adequate amounts of nourishment. Stresses and exertions are common on the female body, both before and after delivering the child. Enough nourishment is required to support her during these times,

? The overall balance of the female body needs to be maintained. Hence, a balanced diet, comprising of easy-to-digest proteins, minerals and vitamins, needs to be adopted.

Let us now discuss the factors which all would-be mothers should be aware of. These factors are:

1. How does my body function? – In other words, ladies need to know the time of their ovulation. The period of ovulation is the best time for conceiving a baby. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to find the time when a woman would ovulate. The Luteal Phase (also termed as the ?Post Ovulation Time?) needs to be explained here. This phase measures the span of time between ovulation and the date of starting of the menstrual cycle, and is fixed at 14 days for most females. Once a lady ovulates, she will have her period after the Luteal Phase is complete (or, after 14 days). Alternatively, women also can use the BBT technique (the method of Basal Body Temperature) to determine the date of ovulation. This method prescribes the usage of a specially manufactured BBT thermometer to record the temperature of the vagina every morning. Ovulation is generally accompanied by a significant rise in the vaginal temperature at these times. Thus, the time of ovulation is detected, and sexual intercourse should ideally be scheduled during this period,

2. When would sexual union have a larger chance in conceiving a baby? – For higher chances of conceiving, it has to be made sure that sperms of the most robust quality enters the female body at the time of the latter?s ovulation. It is recommended that fresh sperm should be inserted within the body of a woman immediately before she ovulates. This would ensure top-quality, desirable reactions from the sperm, whenever the ovulation is complete. A male who has an issue with his sperm is generally advised to abstain from releasing sperm, for a minimum of 3 days prior to the pre-planned day of lovemaking. When thinking the right ways of how to get pregnant, these information are of immense use,

3. How often should a sexual intercourse be held, so that there remains a high probability of getting pregnant? – The frequency of sexual union depends on the overall physical condition of the husband, the estimated time of ovulation of the wife, and other related points. If the male sperms tend to remain in the testicles for too long, the sperms tend to grow old, losing their potency and effectiveness. Hence, too long a period of abstinence is certainly not advisable. On the other hand, if sexual union occurs everyday, the strength of the male sperms falls, owing to a significant decrease in the sperm count. On the day of ovulation, and around this period, lovemaking at a frequency of once in every 2 days is considered to be ideal.

Adopting a holistic approach prepares a lady to answer the question ?how to get pregnant? in the best way possible. Unlike other conventional methods, this approach is based on an in-depth analysis of the human body, and an accurate identification of the factors that might create pregnancy-related problems. There are no harmful side effects in this approach either. Holistic treatment methods preclude the use of Chinese medicines, herbs, and adopting suitable changes in both the dietary habits as well as one?s overall lifestyle. Acupuncture also forms a part of this treatment technique, while proper methods of exercising are emphasized on, All these certainly help the holistic approach to have a larger chance in delivering the desirable results.

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