Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention – Some Important Tips

Alzheimer is a most familiar form of dementia. Diagnosed generally in people of over the age of 65yrs. Common symptoms of Alzheimer?s is usually mistaken to be age related problem or stress related manifestation. Most common symptom is memory loss where a person finds difficult to remember most recent events. Alzheimer?s disease is confirmed with cognitive and behavioral test, followed by brain scan. As the disease grows to next stage symptoms also include, irritability, aggression, mood swings and confusion, language break down and long term memory loss.

Prevention is better than cure, and some recent findings suggest that individuals can reduce the risk of this disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet system.

Studies reveal that smoking at a latter stage in life that is after 65 years of age manifolds the chances of getting Alzheimer?s disease by 79 percent. So in the best interest of your health it is advisable that you refrain from smoking.

Obesity is also considered as a factor which makes a person susceptible to Alzheimer?s disease. Research has shown that an obese person is most likely to get Alzheimer?s disease is three and half times more than a normal built person. Hence losing weight should be a priority for those who are over-weight.

Studies also highlight that consumption of certain nutrient contained foods can circumvent Alzheimer?s disease. Consuming diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil, cereals and fish lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer?s disease. These nutrients help by giving protection from stress and also by reducing inflammation in brain.

Foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids are also considered to useful to prevent Alzheimer?s disease. Found in foods like tuna, salmon and flaxseed they contain healthy fats also known to reduce cholesterol and other heart problems.

Another fundamental characteristic to prevent Alzheimer?s disease is maintaining healthy lifestyle by managing stress in positive manner. Stress is also one of the contributing elements in the development of Alzheimer?s disease.

Another main component of maintaining healthy and balanced lifestyle is exercise. Regular exercise reduces risk of numerous diseases including Alzheimer?s. Exercise provides you with healthy mind and body and reduces stress.

Adequate sleep also contributes to prevention of Alzheimer?s disease. So it is advisable to have appropriate sleep daily in order to prevent Alzheimer?s and other numerous diseases.

Some specific things like vitamin B12, vitamin D and fish oils when incorporated in your life can also prove to be beneficial in lowering risk of Alzheimer?s disease. These special supplements are believe to preserve memory and improve it as well.

Diabetes and stress too increases your chances of developing Alzheimer?s disease. So always make it a point to keep stress and diabetes in control.

The cause of Alzheimer?s disease is yet not known, so it is not easy to determine in surety what will prevent Alzheimer?s. Unarguably healthy lifestyle is the best and only way to keep several diseases away. To sum it up adequate sleep, proper stress management and exercise can prove to be useful to lower the risk of Alzheimer?s disease.

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