Natural Treatment For Hair Regrowth Solutions

Products for the treatment of hair loss and hair re-growth formulas are a multi-billion dollar industry. For many people, hair loss is an often frustrating experience that can cause deep emotional issues such as embarrassment when going out in public or self-esteem issues caused by the stigma of not having a full head of healthy hair. Thinning or loss of hair can be particularly devastating to women who have a great sense of pride in their manes. The causes of hair loss can seem like a mystery and knowing what kind of treatment to get can be even more confusing.

The actual cause of hair loss, according to research, is a naturally existing hormone called DHT. Usually, this hormone serves an important purpose in the body during childhood development, but once the level of DHT in the body becomes elevated due to illness or age, it attaches to the hair follicles causing them to shrink and fall out. This is typically seen in older males, which is why the hairline begins to recede around the age of 30-45 in most men.

Hair thinning and loss can also occur in women and younger people with hormone issues or those suffering from illnesses that elevate DHT levels. Fortunately, the solution to the problem of hair loss involves reducing DHT in the body which usually results in a reduction in hair loss or assists in the re-growth of hair lost. There are some prescription drugs which reduce the level of DHT and stop hair loss. Nonetheless, these drugs frequently have harmful side effects, poor results and unknown long-term concerns.

A much more effective and safe solution to hair re-growth is by using natural alternatives. Many natural hair re-growth treatments can reduce the levels of DHT to prevent it from binding to hair follicles. However, since they contain only natural ingredients, they do not have any side-effects commonly associated with man-made chemicals. This makes natural hair loss treatments an attractive alternative to prescription drugs.

Below you will find some natural products that you can use to help re-grow your hair.

Saw Palmetto

This natural plant found in the Southeastern United States has been used for many years to treat thinning hair in both men and women. Saw Palmetto is safe to use as it naturally binds to DHT in the bloodstream and helps the body to flush out excess levels which aids in the re-growth of hair. You can find Saw Palmetto inexpensively in health product and natural food and drug stores.

Olive Oil

Massaging the scalp with olive oil prior to shampooing stimulates the hair follicles. This in turn, causes the hair to grow back in over time. Regular use of olive oil also improves the overall texture and shine of hair and restores moisture levels in the scalp, which can prevent other annoying hair and scalp conditions like dandruff and flaking.

Vitamins and Zinc

Taking multivitamins rich in B vitamins and Zinc may help unclog the follicles as well, and restore normal hair growth. Vitamins that contain high levels of Biotin also aid the body in the re-growth of damaged hair and have added benefits of restoring nails and giving the skin a healthy glow.

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