Home Remedies for Toothache

Do's and Don't for Toothache

Following are some of the simple tips for toothache:

- Strictly avoid sweet foods. Such foods help in the breeding of microorganisms and causes cavities in the mouth, leading to toothache.

- Do not eat chocolates and sugary foods at night. Their particles will remain in the interspaces of the teeth.

- Foods that have bitter, pungent and astringent tastes are good for keeping toothaches in check. These foods can kill the microorganisms settled in the cavities.

- Foods rich in vitamin C are good for the teeth. So include amalaki, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits in your diet.

- Gargle after every meal and also floss before retiring to bed. Use a toothpick to remove any embedded food particles from the cavities.

- Take nutritional diet to make your tooth and gums healthy and strong for lifetime.

- Eat fresh green leafy vegetables, juicy fruits, cereals, grams, etc.

- Do not eat junk foods, spicy foods. Even if you take them occasionally, always brush your teeth after that.

- Always brush your teeth with good quality of toothpaste and toothbrush. Never brush in hurry. Proper brushing of teeth will keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Following are some of the effective home remedies for toothache:

- Take 3-4 drops of mustard (sarson) oil and a pinch of salt. Massage your tooth jaws, tooth gently with this paste. This gives relief from toothache and makes gums and jaws strong. Apply this before going to bed.

- You can try this simple home remedy for toothache relief. Mix a pinch of pepper in clove oil. Put this oil directly into the cavity to stop toothache.

- Prepare a paste of the bark of bay berry in vinegar. Applying this paste on the teeth relieves toothache and also helps in strengthening gums in the long run.

- You can also apply an ice pack on the tooth from the outside to get temporary relief if nothing seems to work for the time-being.

- Lemon juice is an effective home remedy for toothache. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange are rich in Vitamin C and keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong. People suffering from heavy bleeding from gums, or bad breath should take freshly prepared lemon or orange juice.

Herbal Remedies for Toothache

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for toothache:

- Clove (laung) has very effective astringent and antiseptic properties. Keep 1-2 clove seeds inside your mouth, the clove extract will sooth the affected tooth, and relieves from toothache. Clove oil reduces the pain and fights against the germs in cavities. It is an important ingredient in herbal toothpastes.

- Asafoetida (heeng) is very useful remedy for toothache problems. It is rich in mineral and vitamins and helps in increasing the strength of the teeth and enables them to bear the pain.

- Garlic (lehsun) is also beneficial for the treatment of toothache. Place 2-3 seeds of garlic mixed in salt over the cavity or the paining tooth. It helps in killing bacteria and other germs and gives relief from toothache, and poor gums. People suffering from bleeding from gums, or weak tooth should chew 2-3 seeds of garlic early in the morning.

- Onion (pyaz) is another useful remedy for toothache. It may give bad odor temporarily but is very beneficial to dental hygiene. Chew a small onion for 4-5 minutes daily. This will clear off all the germs hidden between teeth and keep the gums fresh. Place a small piece of onion on the decayed tooth for some time. Its juice will rinse inside the cavity and helps in killing germs and will relieve from toothache. Do this regularly.

- Black pepper (kaali mirch) is used for the treatment of toothache. Make a paste of 2-3 tablespoon of black pepper and a pinch of salt in few drops of water. Apply this paste over the cavity or paining tooth. It helps in fighting against bad breath, toothache, bad gums, etc.

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  1. Spicy foods and junk foods can affect your dental health! Oh, that's not good news for chip lovers! Well, as you mentioned earlier, you can prevent toothaches if you brush after eating this kind of food.

    Randy Deaver