Home Remedies for Wart

Do's and Don't for Wart

Following are some of the simple tips for wart:

- Most of the germs that cause warts are produced due to moisture accumulated in the areas like under knees, genitals, penis, and vagina. So do not let moisture to retain in these areas. Always dry your body with clean soft cotton towel.

- Cover the infected area with perforated clothes so that it should not spread to other parts of the skin as well.

Home Remedies for Wart

Following are some of the effective home remedies for wart:

- Rub a slice of raw potato on the wart for about 10 minutes every day. This will remove the warts.

- Take the peel of a banana and keep its inner side on the wart. Tie it up like a bandage. Change it twice a day. Keep this constantly on the wart until the wart disappears.

- Apply castor oil regularly on the warts. This will help the warts to become supple and finally disappear. Camphor oil can also be used instead of castor oil.

- Cloves are also commonly used as a home remedy for wart. Apply clove oil gently over the infected area. Do this at least twice a day, it will show positive effect within a day.

- Crush a clove of garlic and keep this on the wart. Then fix it in that position with a bandage. This helps in the treatment of warts.

- Put a drop of the fresh grapefruit juice on the wart. Then cover the area with a bandage. Do this three to four times in a day. Its continuous application will help the wart to disappear.

- Take a teaspoon of coriander leaves juice along with a pinch of turmeric in it. Take this on a daily basis.

- Apple extract vinegar is also an effective remedy for wart. Apply it over the infected area and cover it with clean perforated cotton clothes.

- You can also apply lemon juice over the warty area. Another way of using it is take a lemon slice and dip in apple extract vinegar, add a pinch of salt into it. Keep this for 2-3 weeks. After that rub that lemon slice over the infected area.

Herbal Remedies for Wart

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for wart:

- The leaves of the Indian sorrel are used in the treatment of warts. Apply the paste of Indian sorrel leaves directly onto the warts. You can also apply the poultice of its leaves directly over the warts.

- The milky sap obtained from the green leaves of the banyan tree is very beneficial in the treatment of warts. It helps the skin to become smooth and the wart eventually falls off.

- Rub the ash of the rough chaff over warts. It is very effective in the removal of warts.

- The dandelion sap is also effective in the removal of warts. Rub the cut end of a dandelion root onto the wart so that the milky sap rubs on the warts. The wart would fall off within few days of the treatment.

- Prepare a paste of euphorbia plant and apply onto the warty skin. The milky juice exuded by this plant is good in the treatment of warts.

- Aloe vera (ghritkumari) extract is an effective remedy for wart. Apply this extract over the infected area 2-3 times a day. Repeat this for a week.

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