Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Do's and Don't for Teeth Whitening

Following are some of the simple tips for teeth whitening:

- Do not take sugary foods in any form. Chocolates are also not good. If you do consume such foods, never forget to wash your mouth thoroughly with strong gargles so as not to leave any sweet residue in the mouth.

- Do not take excess tea and coffee. These beverages contain strong alkaloids which can stain the teeth.

- Smoking also makes the teeth lose the white coloration of the teeth.

- Chewing betel leaf (paan) is done in several Indian regions. This is also disastrous to the whiteness of the teeth.

- Include pungent, bitter and astringent foods in your daily diet. These tastes have an astringent effect on the teeth that helps to maintain them clean. They also take care of the excess buildup of plaque on the teeth, which makes them lose their pearly white color.

- Brush your teeth after every meal, or at least in the morning and before going to bed. While brushing your teeth, take care to sweep out all the embedded food particles.

- Excess consumption of antibiotics is also harmful for teeth and gives a stain.

- Eat guava, apple, sprouts, carrot, sugarcane, and cucumber fruits to prevent yellowing of teeth.

- Drink lots of water as this makes your skin hydrated and removes plaques from your teeth.

- Include green and fibrous vegetables in your diet to keep your teeth white and bacteria free.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Following are some of the effective home remedies for teeth whitening:

- Add 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide in half tablespoon of baking soda and mix it. You can use this natural teeth whitener for couple of days in a week. Their can be little irritation in the gums in some cases, but it will not harm your mouth and teeth.

- Prepare a mixture of charcoal of babul wood, roasted alum and some rock salt. Rub this on the teeth instead of using the conventional toothpaste. This will give you white and long-lasting healthy teeth.

- You can also use sodium bicarbonate regularly each morning as a toothpowder instead of toothpaste. Sodium bicarbonate replenishes the lost mineral content of the teeth, which helps them to regain their whiteness.

- Strawberries, tomatoes and amalaki are rich in vitamin C. Apply them directly on the teeth. Vitamin C helps in removing the plaque on the teeth and makes them whiter.

- You can also rub an orange peel on the teeth every night before going to sleep. The vitamin C of the orange peel will combat with the microorganisms all through the night..

- Prepare a mixture of baking soda (half tablespoon), vinegar (half teaspoon), and pinch of table salt. This is very beneficial in removing teeth stains and keeps your teeth white and bacteria free.

- Mix one teaspoon baking soda and a pinch of home used iodine rich salt. You can use this as a natural teeth cleanser. This is an effective home remedy for teeth whitening. Sage leaves (salvia) are used extensively for teeth whitening. Brush the stained teeth using sage leaves to make your teeth sparkly white.

Herbal Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for teeth whitening:

- Babul is very popularly used in teeth whitening. The tannin present in babul helps in increasing the whiteness of teeth. The twigs of the babul are used as disposable toothbrushes.

- Margosa (neem) is a traditional herbal remedy for teeth whitening. Neem twigs are used as toothbrushes. Neem oils contain astringent and antiseptic properties that fight bad breath, kill microorganisms accumulated on the teeth and combat dental caries and cavities.

- The aerial roots of the banyan are also used as disposable toothbrushes. The banyan roots have astringent properties that not only make the teeth whiter but also make the teeth and gums healthier.

- Holy Basil is another useful herbal remedy for teeth whitening. The leaves of the holy basil are dried in the sun and powdered and used for brushing teeth. The leaves help in maintaining dental hygiene and make the teeth whiter. It is also used for protection from problems such as pyorrhea (i.e. bleeding of gums).

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