why calcium is very important for the body

Calcium is a mineral essential for body metabolism, liaison between the nervous, cardiac work, and movement of muscles. After 20 years of age, the human body will begin to experience shortages of calcium as much as 1% per year. And after 50 years of age, the amount of calcium in the body will shrink as much as 30%. Losing will reach 50% when reaching the age of 70 years and beyond calcium deficiency problems.

So, actually what the benefits of calcium itself, why do we need to eat?

Here are some of the benefits of calcium for humans:

* Maintain your body's water balance
* Prevent osteoporosis (bone loss)
* Prevent heart disease
* Lowers risk of colon cancer
* Overcoming cramps, back ache, hemorrhoids, and rheumatic
* Addressing complaints during menstruation and menopause
* Minimizing shrinkage of bone during pregnancy and lactation
* Helps prevent mineralization of teeth and tooth roots bleeding
* Overcoming dry and cracked skin on feet and hands
* Restoring the declining sex / weakening
* Overcoming diabetes mellitus (pancreas activate)
* Enabling nerve
* Smooth circulation
* Flex muscles
* normally blood pressure
* Balancing blood acidity
Early symptoms of calcium deficiency is like a weary, a lot of sweat, anxiety, shortness of breath, decreased endurance, loss of appetite, constipation, poop-poop, insomnia, cramps, and so on.

There is good since his youth, you are diligent hanging himself in the morning sun, but if not, then you can visit the doctor to consult about calcium you need each day.

Your doctor may give you the required calcium supplements are consumed each day. Remember, that the dose of each person is not the same, so the best step is to ask directly to your personal physician.

Then, what to consider when taking this supplement to the results obtained can be maximum as you expect?!

The best time for taking calcium supplements is now an empty stomach. This does not apply to those older age, they were encouraged to eat together with the food.

Calcium supplements should not be consumed together with other mineral supplements such as iron, for example, or other substances such as caffeine, or fiber, because this will hinder optimal calcium absorption in the body.

Therefore, taking together with a breakfast cereal high in fiber and the coffee is not recommended.

Also, if you are advised doctors to take 2 tablets per day then drink one in the morning and one at night, rather than taking 2 at once, as this will slow the absorption

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