Toothache Remedies

Toothache is the pain that is caused in and around a tooth. Medically known as odontalgia, it can range from being just a mild discomfort to excruciating pain. Chewing and exposure to extremes of temperature, such as cold or heat, can aggravate the pain. Toothache usually results when a nerve, in the root of a tooth, gets irritated. Right from the emergence of wisdom tooth to dental decay, there are various causes that can lead to toothache. To know more about the causes of toothache, along with its symptoms, go through the following lines.

Causes Of Toothache:

Dental decay
Fracture of the tooth
Cracked tooth
Tooth cavity
Irritation of the tooth pulp, following dental treatment
An exposed tooth root
Emergence of wisdom teeth
Gum diseases
Impacted teeth
Spasms of the muscles
Excessive consumption of soft drinks
An abscess in the gum (lateral periodontal abscess).
Ulceration of the gums (acute ulcerative gingivitis).
Inflammation of the gum around a tooth, which is in the process of growing/breaking through (pericoronitis).
Swelling of the pulp
Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar
Faulty diet
Tooth infection

Symptoms Of Toothache:

Throbbing pain in the tooth
Pain while chewing
Hot or cold sensitivity
Bleeding or discharge around a tooth or gums
Swelling around a tooth
Swelling of the jaw
Injury or trauma to teeth/gums

Home remedy for Toothache
Place a clove of garlic, dipped in rock salt, under the affected tooth.

Alternatively, chew a clove of garlic every morning. Along with curing the teeth, it would also make them strong.

Another effective home remedy for toothache would be to chew a raw onion everyday. It is believed that chewing a raw onion for three minutes every day is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth.

Lime serves as a rich source of Vitamin C and is, thus, effective in curing all the dental problems. Rubbing a piece of lime on the aching tooth is sure to bring relief.

Wheat grass proves beneficial in the treatment of toothache. Whenever you are suffering from the ailment, chew a piece of wheat grass. It would help in extracting the toxins from the gum and also provide relief.

Grind some asafetida and lemon juice. Now, heat this solution slightly. Dip a cotton ball in it and place it over the tooth cavity.

Make a paste with bay berry and vinegar. Apply this paste over the affected tooth.
Clove oil proves useful in treating toothache. Apply this oil over the affected tooth and leave there for sometime.

To a 1/4 tsp of common salt, add a pinch of pepper powder. Apply this mixture over the affected tooth. This is sure to relieve a person from pain.

Add a pinch of pepper in ½ tsp of clove oil and apply on the affected tooth to get relief.

For instant relief, put 2 to 3 drops of vanilla extract on the aching tooth.
Another effective home remedy would be to peel a potato and cut it into slices. Put one of the slices on the aching tooth, for 15 minutes.

Dip a tea bag in a cup of boiling water. Once the tea bag gets hot, place it over the tooth. This would provide instant relief.

Applying oregano oil on the tooth would provide relief from the pain.

Another effective home remedy would be to chew some leaves of the guava tree.

Place an ice cube over the aching tooth, for about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the process at least three to four times a day.

Soak a cotton ball in brandy and squeeze it over the affected tooth.

Rinse the affected tooth with some whiskey. For this, take a mouthful of whiskey and savor it over the affected tooth for sometime.

For toothache that results from trapped food, take a mouthful of water and rinse your mouth thoroughly. This would surely help in removing the stuck food particles.

In 3 to 4 drops of mustard oil, add a pinch of salt. Massage the jaws with this mixture. Not only would it provide relief from toothache, but also make the gums and jaws strong.


One of the easiest toothache remedies is vanilla. Simply apply several drops of vanilla directly on the bad tooth.


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 1/2 teaspoon of alum and pack this mixture all over and around the tooth. This is one of the quickest toothache remedies.

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