Low Sexual Drives Compatible

Female desires, male desire, are they compatible? Desires of different individuals are never identical, and they sometimes tend to forget in the momentum of the game. When one knows the beginning, when we love, we want very much, because we do not live together again. The get-together is times when the desire is always present. But the time of the meeting is a break in life. All remains are to build ... and desires are so different.

Can a man and a woman are a couple may have sexual feelings at the same time?

Why this strong desire persists does not?
Once we began to live together, it feels so much the lack of absence that is a stimulant of desire. When one sees every morning and every evening, even more (there are couples who work together), the desire can no longer operate on the same modality.

How this desire Will it work then?
This desire will take two forms:
One is the instinctual desire, which is a function more often male. It is the sexual drive that is to say: "I feel like making love" ... Suddenly, you feel an urge. Not necessarily all at once elsewhere. It may come gradually into one or two days, and then it is like going up. We speak of instinct, because it comes from inside you, and not always triggered by something in the environment.

So we are compatible, since we are so different?

If we are, because these two types of desire complement each other very well and even perfectly. One partner feels a desire to drive and the other a desire to answer, relation is possible and enjoyable for both.

Is it really so typical: men have an operation and another for women?

Some men feel that their partner does not want, because it is essentially a desire for response, not an instinctual desire. Because they have difficulty understanding that his desire is more relational. Yet just as rich as her desire to bring depth to the relationship.

No, of course, women also have instinctual wishes and desires of the men answered. But the distribution is not 50/50. It notes trends...
What are they basis these trends to be different between men and women?

In analysis, hormones, education, genetics, but also society and the role it gives us ... A little while without doubt, and it is difficult to separate things. But the result is there.

In total, we are very compatible, but if we doubt, we may disagree on the differences instead of taking them as assets.

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