Infertility Problem

When anyone learned that they can not have children, it was as if dying a little. Do not have children when you want, it's sad, but there are so many really sick people who come into death. Infertility does not seem as serious as a fatal disease.

Yet the plights of couples unable to have children depress us all. Everyone, including doctors, who are sometimes willing to go too far to bring a smile to those couples suffering.

So why this causes it as empathy, often much more than stroke, multiple sclerosis, cancer or other disease difficult. We simply have to meet basic needs: the need for food, water, oxygen, sleep, heat ... When these needs are not met, we die. The need for child makes, too, some of these basic needs, even if it is at another level. Indeed, there are two ways to die: the first and most obvious is when our body can no longer live. This is what happens if we have no food or water. It then dies of starvation or dehydration. The second death is a more abstract, since it is the death of our species, humans. Everyone is in us, without necessarily conscious, the importance of replication to ensure that our species does not disappear. That is why this desire for a child is registered in us viscerally. And that is why many people feel a major disaster if they can have a child.

Thus, those who overcome this difficulty the better of infertility are those who know otherwise transmit life, or learning to do. They have to feel this way to participate in the humanity of the world. There may be artists who will create a work of scientists who will advance research, religious giving their lives for others, people who devote themselves to a great cause, including, of course, that of give love to children who are genetically their own. Because fertility can live differently, and we can sow seeds of affection, empathy, encouragement, knowledge, beauty ... as well as sowing seeds to small babies, as we explained in our childhood. Of course, the different fertility does not always easily discover. It is often necessary to mourn his desire to see the child develop into another asset. But it is a way to discover, to search for to think that even without the child itself, life is really worth living.

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