Infertility Problem

A healthy body and balanced mind are basic for a good quality of semen and hormonal balance. Pregnancy or conception will, in most cases favored.

Simple tips and easy:
* Remove our bad habits: now is the perfect time to quit, often staying up late, using drugs or alcohol. Nothing likes a good motivation to do it and obviously the thought of having a child is one of the best out there. Think that's bad habits always prevent pregnancy or harm the unborn baby.

* Improving our diet: drink two to three liters of water a day to push for the elimination of toxins from our body.
Remove all beverages other than juice (juice), water or herbal teas to our doctor or specialist has recommended.
Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains (brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, oats, barley, corn, etc.).
Avoid fried foods, fats, excess salt, sugar, reducing animal protein (red meat, sausages, eggs, etc...) And increase vegetable protein (soy or soybeans, chickpeas, beans, lentils, tofu, gluten, nuts, etc.)...
Within the ideal milk are fermented like yogurt and kefir.
In general try to achieve possible foods without chemical additives.
* Take some extra food supplement: our doctor or specialist can advise a multivitamin suitable for our particular case so that we do not lack any nutrients.
Again I refer to your doctor or specialist to consult dose. The way the job you say in your herbalist or chemist because that depends on the presentation and product concentration.

* Practice some form of exercise: even mild exercise (walking, biking, etc...) Promotes oxygenation of our body, helps eliminate toxins and promotes overall health.

* Avoid contact with chemicals: it is time to reflect on how many unnecessary chemicals we use in our homes and our workplace. Almost always we can do without them or we can find a natural substitute (ask at herbalists and health food stores).
If you are taking any medication consult with your physician if you can give a more natural alternative (some still are made with medicinal herbs or no side effects).

* Eliminate stress: the fact of leaving the door opens for adoption often remove much stress to couples. It's funny how many infertile couples discouraged, having tried every fertility techniques, when adopting a child usually stays pregnant. This indicates that stress is one of the main enemies when get pregnant.

A romantic relationship tends to be always supported when they share the objectives and decreases stress.

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