Cause of Female Hair Loss

Normally the hormones produced by the female body will protect a woman's hair loss. However, some times a woman can be sensitive when their standard hormonal changes. Many women experience some thinning after menopause, the loss to others is a temporary, as after pregnancy or when leaving the contraceptive pill.

Hair loss can be experienced by regularly using hair tight in a style that puts tension on the hair roots. By changing the style of the problem will get worse and may even improve.

The most widespread disease such as diabetes, low levels of thyroxin, high fever, crash dieting, emotional shock or bad treatment for cancer can lead to hair loss all. Can also be the first symptom of polycystic ovaries, a common hormonal condition that can affect fertility? In each case, the cause is more than the hair that needs attention first. Often this treatment means that there is no need for specific solutions hair loss.

Normally, hair grows in a cycle that consists of a growth phase, which can last several years, then there is a rest phase and finally the hair falls. It is when this cycle is broken that problems occur.

I never used to be thought that the causes of hair loss in men and women are basically the same except that the pattern of hair loss in women is more diffuse throughout the scalp than usual in men. More recently, experts are concluding that loss in women is more likely to be due to a number of different factors. Many types of enzymes and hormone receptors and blockers can be the cause of female hair loss. This is why male pattern baldness tends to be associated with age, but hair loss in women can occur at any time.

Sometimes people loose hair in spots. This is known as alopecia aureate and is the result of a problem with the body's autoimmune system that causes hair follicles to be attacked by white blood cells. In most cases it is a condition leading rights itself after about a year or so. Only does not cause loss total and irrevocable loss.

Women have the advantage over men, in which the loss is generally lower than in male pattern baldness. They also have a greater variety of styles to choose from hair in order to make the best of their remaining hair. Finally, in many cases, whatever the cause of female hair loss is usually a temporary condition and will eventually be overcome.

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