How to Train your Brain to Lose Weight

The most difficult part of dieting to lose weight is staying determined. Often we start a diet full of energy at the hope of losing weight but that energy and determination quickly dies down and flat lines.

Staying determined when trying to lose weight on a diet requires 2 things. The right diet plan that will produce results and of course a way of staying determined. Luckily this article will show you an excellent method that I've used to stay focused and determined.

I've developed a method to help train your brain to stay determined and keep you motivated.

It's one of the best "Train Your Brain" methods I've adapted from the motivation guru himself - Tony Robbins.

On a piece of paper, finish off the following sentences.

1. I want to Lose __ lbs (It could be 10 lbs or even 200 lbs)

2. If I fail __________________________ (Be brutally honest with yourself)


1. I want to Lose 20 lbs.
2. If I fail I will waste another summer feeling fat and ugly.

1. I want to Lose 200 lbs.
2. If I fail I will potentially shorten my life and could die a weight related death.

Put that piece of paper somewhere you will see everyday. Try to put it somewhere you will see for most of the day when you have a bit of time to day dream. I'm a programmer and I work at home so it was stuck at the top of my computer screen. It doesn't have to be some where like this but you get the idea.

I was quite overweight and needed to lose a lot of weight, and the 2nd example is actually what I wrote down and put in front of me everyday. I was brutally honest with myself.

2 things will happen.

Looking at that piece of paper daily will switch your brain into overdrive.

1. Your brain will try and figure out a way to achieve your goal.

2. Your brain will start to associate pain with what you've written down if you fail and it will force you to try your hardest to avoid the pain.

Let me give you an example... Have you been asked to go to the beach but you were embarrassed about your ugly fat?

If you made up an excuse NOT to go to the beach, that's you brain subconsciously trying to avoid the pain of being in a swimsuit and being embarrased!

Now... if you see everyday what will happen if you fail you will increase your drive to avoid the pain because you've made the consequences of failure clear. (Remember you have to be brutally honest with yourself).

To increase your determination further read what you've written down OUTLOUD (in your head if people are around you and you are embarrased) several times - everytime you see that piece of paper.

I hope this helps anyone trying to lose weight but not being able to stay determined at losing weight.

by:John Blaykes

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