How Do I Know If I Had a Heart Attack?

The heart is the most vital organ of the body that is responsible for the flow of blood to all the parts of the system and helps sustain life. It is also a very delicate organ that needs considerable care to be taken so as to safeguard it and for the individual to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Consistent intake of the wrong foods, tobacco and unhealthy health practices can render the heart to become susceptible to an attack at any time. One of the most common myths that surround this aspect is that people believe that it only affects those above the age of forty. It is essential to know that any individuals irrespective of their age can be viable to a heart attack by practicing the wrong health habits.

There are many symptoms that an individual experiencing a heart disease will experience. These include heart strains, reduced heart beats, palpitation and excessive uneasiness. One of the most prominent symptoms that one would experience when getting a heart attack is the strain they would feel within their chest. To further accentuate this pain, one would also feel a certain level of palpitation and hyperactivity that will slowly diminish with loss of energy. In a more severe case of a heart attack, there shall be excessive segregation of fluid and saliva from the mouth and also ends up rendering the nails and eyes in the loss of color. The fingernails and pupils lose their normal color and develop a pale yellow appeal. At such times it is essential to carry out prompt first aid and get medical help immediately.

There are many people around the world that suffer from heart diseases and do not know about it. They often mistake it for indigestion or a simple heart burn. Hence, it is vital that any individual, who experiences any sort of pain in the chest, get themselves treated by a legitimate and renowned doctor. A cardiologist is mostly preferred in these cases. It is imperative that individuals do as much as they can to curb any heart ailments that come their way and begin living a healthier lifestyle.

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