The Connection Between Heart and Stress

The scientific research is done to find the connection between stress and heart diseases. The scientists are striving hard to find the answer of the question: is stress the cause of heart disease? Research at the British Heart Foundation published in health magazines say that for few people stress is the contributing cause of the coronary heart disease.

They state that evidences are growing towards depicting that stress contributes to heart related issues. The issue is that nature of stress is such that it cannot be measured so the scientists are unable to state directly that stress causes heart diseases. It seems that scientists need to do more decisive studies to reach the conclusion that how stress causes heart related issues.
Risk Factors for Heart Diseases
Today we know that risk factors of heart disease are:
High cholesterol levels
High blood pressure
Family history of heart diseases
Till time stress is not considered the primary reason of heart disease but the research is being conducted to show the connection between the two.Facts about Heart and Stress
British heart foundation has revealed the following facts about the connection of stress and heart.
Stress affects heart by releasing hormones. The hormones cause an increase in blood pressure and this encourages the clotting of arteries.
Stress also increases the production of adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals are responsible for producing the fight syndrome.
Research is still being conducted to know the role of adrenaline and cortisol in the body. How does this hormone lead to the build-up fatty deposits that are built in arteries? How theses hormones cause the blood to clot and increase the pressure of blood? Answers are still on the way.
Stress also plays a vital role in the attitude or state of mind of the person. In the stressful situations mostly people choose some short-term solutions of their problems and forget about the long-term impact on heart of all this. For instance a stressed person is more prone to eat less healthy meals irregularly. Drink plenty of alcohol, coffee and smoke too much. All these relieve the stress for the particular time but leaves bad impacts on the health of heart.
Research has also depicted that stress discourages the person from performing healthy activities like physical exercise or meditation.
So the question; is stress is the contributing factor of heart disease, is still not clear. Till time there are not any decisive studies. Still research is beginning to mount; there is some connection between the two.So the better idea is not to wait for the conclusion rather best cure is prevention. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and sleeping peacefully will lead to relax the mind of the person and thus his heart too.

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