Good appetite is associated with a hypertonic stomach, normal muscular efficiency and
digestion. Probably it depends upon pleasant odor and memory of good food and sharpness
of appetite. Further some individuals have likings for a particular kind of food often from
habit. This food habit is another important item in inducing good appetite.
Hunger is a painful sensation when the stomach is empty for sometime, caused by increased
tonic and peristaltic action of the gastric contents. After a normal meal, the stomach slowly
relaxes comfortably accommodating the food.
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder affecting mainly girls or women, although boys or
men can also suffer from it. It usually starts in the teenage years. On account of any mental
depression or a fanciful idea (especially for reducing obesity), she takes less food than
normal. The appetite gradually lessens.
There is a strong, fear of putting on weight, who suffers from anorexia. There are
recommendations regarding how much food is allowed and how much exercise is needed
after eating certain amounts of food. Those suffering from anorexia pursue a very low
'ideal' weight. The weight loss may cause hormonal disturbances and women with anorexia
nervosa may stop having periods. Body weight is maintained at least 15 per cent below that
expected for a person's height. It is self-induced weight loss caused by avoiding fattening
foods and may involve taking excessive exercise, using laxatives or diuretics or self-induced
Puberty, deaths in the family and other life stresses are all believed to be the main causes
of anorexia. Self-induced weight loss includes fasting, low food intake, excessive exercise,
diuretic medicines (medicines that make you urinate more) laxatives, diet pills or vomiting.
· To stop you from overeating take 10 deep breaths immediately. Take the breaths as deep as
your body will allow you.
· To decrease appetite stop using artificial sweeteners (even Splenda) and stop eating the
sugar-free candies. This is an effective home remedy for appetite.
· Take chickweed herb to decrease the appetite.
· Drink peppermint tea to increase appetite.
· Oranges stimulate the flow of digestive juices, thereby improving digestion and increasing
· The juice of sour grapes is another effective remedy for anorexia. The juice of these
grapes should be used in kneading the flour before preparing chapattis. Chapattis made in
this manner should be eaten continuously for two to three weeks.
· About one teaspoon of the juice of lime should be mixed with an equal quantity of the juice
of ginger. One gram of rock salt should be added to this mixture. It should then be placed
in sunlight for three days. A teaspoon taken after each meal will tone up the digestive
system and improve the appetite.
· Apples digestion by stimulating the flow of pepsin, a protein-digesting enzyme, in the
· Three or four cloves of raw garlic should be boiled in a cup of water. This soup can be
reinforced with the juice of half a lemon and taken twice daily. This is also an effective
home remedy for appetite.
· About five grams of ginger should be ground and licked with a little salt once a day for the
treatment of this condition.
· The application of an ice bag over the stomach for half an hour before meals, and a cool
hipbath once or twice daily, will help in curing anorexia.
· An early morning sunbath, taken one day, should be alternated with an early morning cool air
bath the next day.
· Restore the person to a healthy weight.
· Restore healthy eating patterns.
· Treat any physical complications or associated mental health problems.
· Address thoughts, feelings and beliefs concerning food and body image.
· Enlist family support.
· In more obstinate cases, the patient is removed to a new surrounding in a psychotherapy
institution. Interpersonal psychotherapy helps people examine their relationships with
friends and family and to make changes in problem areas.
· Cognitive-behaviora l therapy teaches patients techniques to monitor and change their
eating habits as well as to change the way they respond to difficult situations.
· Supplements of vitamins and minerals should be taken to increase the appetite.
· Eat an apple to keep the doctor away.
· If you live alone, why not think about sharing with friends or relatives for a while.

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