3 Promising Home Remedies for Asthma

Studies are very limited when it comes to home remedies for asthma. This article discusses what the
available information tells us.
Heres the good news, there are three alternative asthma treatments that are very promising. Although
more study is needed for a more conclusive result, breathing exercises, yoga and physical exercises are
found to help asthma patients.
Breathing Exercises
The Buteyko Breathing Technique and the Papworth Method are two of the breathing exercises that we
have information on. Breathing has been proven to reduce asthma symptoms and also to reduce the
needed amount of medicine to control asthma.
The Buteyko Breathing Technique originated in the Soviet Union. This technique teaches you how to
breathe less as a habit. This helps to prevent hyperventilation. This method also helps in your overall
health and not just with asthma.
There is evidence that supports the effectiveness of the Papworth Method in reducing asthma
symptoms. This technique teaches you how to breathe from the belly and through the nose. It also
teaches how to match breathing with the particular activity.
There's a shortage of experts who can teach proper breathing so you probably will have to use
instructional videos or books to learn these methods.
Further research is needed to prove the benefits that asthma patients can get from Yoga. However, yoga
uses stretching poses and breathing and we know that breathing exercises can help asthma. We also
know that yoga helps to improve fitness and well-being and can also relieve stress.
Physical Exercise
Staying physically active significantly helps controlling the symptoms of asthma. Asthma or no asthma
Everybody should get at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. You don't have to do the 30 minutes all
at once. You can do a few minutes at a time until you complete the 30 minutes.
During cold weather, exercising may trigger symptoms. Mild exercises like walking are less likely to
trigger asthma symptoms. Be sure to talk to your doctor first before engaging in any exercise program.

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