Factors That Cause Diabetes

In today's modern world more and more people are suffering from diabetes. This is the reason why there is a need to know what really causes it in the first place so that we could avoid having it.

In my case, this has played a major factor for me getting type 2 diabetes since my mother has diabetes. Experts claim that if you have a history of diabetes, then you are 25% prone to getting diabetes.

They say that too much of everything is always bad for us. It has proven that too much of carbohydrates, fats and protein might trigger diabetes. Too much food will put our pancreas to more work and thus might get it tired someday. When it get tired then it would stop producing insulin, thus there is nothing to break down the sugar in our body.

It brings burden to our body because the body is carrying too much weight. Our proper weight depends on our height, I learned this from going to the gym, and they have a scale for this.

The fat reduces the effectiveness of insulin thus causing our body more prone to diabetes. On the other hand, muscle will help distribute the insulin in our body.

Virus Infections
As we all know, viruses infects our body and may weaken it overtime. One virus that infects the pancreas is Coxsaskie B, it reduces the capability of the pancreas to produce insulin thus causing high-blood sugar level.

Speaking from people who I grew up with, when they were younger they were healthier and exercise regularly but now that they are older, they have become less active because of the technology that is around them. This has caused their body to become weaker and thus an easy target for diseases.

Emotional Stress
Those people that are always angry and sad have a high risk of developing diseases because the body will feel their emotions and thus cannot work properly.

Smoking is always bad for anyone since it makes your immune system weaker and may lead to diabetes someday. My father is a chain smoker, however this only encouraged his chances of developing diabetes, which, now, is the cause of his death.

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