Estrogen Prevent Breast Cancer recurrence

Of course you know with breast cancer, breast cancer is a disease that is in fear by the women. And has become the leading cause of death of women. but now many researchers have found a new way to cure this disease. This way breast cancer patients can find a new alternative to cure a deadly disease is.

Very low doses of estrogen may help breast cancer women who relapsed after treatment. Although treatments aimed at preventing fuel tumor estrogen, the researchers say, after years of therapy, the body may need hormones to eliminate all that.

Their findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, stated, this inexpensive way to help some breast cancer patients advanced stage.

Dr Matthew Eliis from "Washington University School of Medicine" in St.. Louis and his colleagues studied 66 women who developed breast cancer had advanced-stage treatment with newer drugs called "aromatase inhibitors".

All of these drugs include Aromasin, Pfizer production, from Novartis Femara and arimidex from AstraZeneza Plc.
"All the women in the study had experienced breast cancer, after treatment after a while they relapsed disease. When taking a drug that lowers estrogen, and even increased their disease develops," Ellis said in a statement.

"So, they undergo chemotherapy. We found that estrogen treatment stopped the progression of the disease in many patients and far more tolerable than that produced by the chemotherapy," he said.

They give all women a kind of estrogen called estradiol, in a very high dose and very low. Both doses are helping 30% women, so findings Ellis and colleagues.
"We showed clearly that low doses can be tolerated better than high doses and as effective in controlling metastatic disease," said Ellis.

Treatment is not always lasting. In 30% of women who assisted with the use of estrogen, their tumors began to grow again. However, re-use of aromatase inhibitors, which consumed a pill every day and have levels of toxins are much lower than with chemotherapy to help a third woman.

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