Top 10 Tips to Get Rid of Your Social Media Addiction!

1.Avoid Denial: Do you spend over 5-6 hours surfing and clicking around different social media channels, or maybe even just one? Do you ignore doing other tasks or spending time with others? Is the first thing you do when you wake up is tweet and do you tweet right before you close your eyes? Yes? Then admit it: You are addicted! Accepting this will be your first step towards finding a cure!

2.Educate Yourself: Do you think social media is just like a green meadow filled with beautiful roses and butterflies? Do you really know everything you need to know about the negatives brought about by social media? The second step towards getting rid of your social media addiction is reading more in order to be well educated about the different privacy concerns and security harms associated with the utilization of social media channels.

3.Schedule Your Time: If you haphazardly spend hours using your preferred social media channels, you should definitely change this approach! Schedule certain hours, every day or once every two days, and commit to them!
Honor Your Plans: Sometimes, and I know this from personal experience, we choose to ignore some plans we have with friends in order to spend more time tweeting or mixxing! This is a big no, no! Social media should never interfere, replace or substitute your plans at any time!

4.Don’t Mix Work with Pleasure: When your work involves social media utilization, try, whenever possible, to stay away from social media after your working hours are over! You can be watching a movie and yes, it will be more rewarding than you might think!

5.Listen to Advice: If your friends tell you that you are shying away from their company and becoming isolated due to social media, they are most probably right – unless if you are hiding something! :) Listen to them, take a step back and reevaluate your social media habits.

7.Pick Up a New Hobby: If you find yourself spending too much time using social media channels, think about picking up and adopting a new hobby, preferably one which you can practice outdoors and away from your computer!

8.Avoid Too Much Trust: Just as the case is in face-to-face relationships, the same applies to virtual relationships as well. Once you trust someone too much, you want to be around him/her all the time because you put your guard down and allow yourself to feel weak or fragile. Never do that when using social media and caution will eventually steer you away from your addiction!

9.Keep it Clean: Especially in the case of teens, the more the doors to adult related material social media opens, the more their use and abuse will be.

10.Don’t Compensate: Whether you are trying to get over a bad break up, avoiding something or running away from a family situation, do not compensate by using social media!

So, do you think you can be cured?

There is a cure for almost everything. Therefore, and in conclusion, do you think recovery from social media addiction is possible? And do you have any other tips and advice which you can share with your fellow social media users to help them recover from their addiction?

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