Tips to Cure Gambling Addiction

A gambling addiction is as serious as any other addiction. It can destroy one's life and have serious repercussions on their family and friends. It needs to be treated, and quickly. However, there are many things that you can do yourself, to help prevent and overcome this addiction, here are a few:

Tell someone.
The first step into curing such a problem, is to admit you have one. Not only admitting it to yourself, but to actually confide in someone you trust. Your telling someone else is the ultimate confirmation needed to start addressing the problem more seriously, and you will also have the comforting feeling that you are not alone into this, as you have a person you trust with you.

Location! If you know you have a gambling problem, don't go to places where you can freely gamble away all your money. Avoid casinos, and the likes. As well, block all gambling sites on your computer or have a loved one do it for you, so that you cannot have access to a gambling site. As well, get a pop up blocker, so you don't see those gambling ads that pop up all over the web when surfing.

Clear your mind.
What mostly causes such an addiction is an underlying issue or problem, and the addiction is used to 'get away from it all'. Therefore, a good way to overcome the addiction is to address and resolve any personal or professional issues that may be stressing you out and causing you concern. Once your mind is clearer, you will see gambling for what it truly is, a waste of your hard earned money.

Get a hobby.
a good wholesome one that is! Distract yourself with an activity that will completely take your mind off gambling. Do something outdoors, where you get some fresh air, unwind, and let loose. You will see, if you keep yourself busy, doing something good for you, gambling will be a distant thought.

The help must remain constant.
Anyone that has dealt with an addiction know that it is a constant, ongoing battle, that always lingers in the back of your mind. To avoid relapses, you need to keep a certain routine to continuously fight the temptation. This can include, speaking to your confidant every week or so about your progress, listening to self hypnosis tapes on a regular basis, or visiting a gambling anonymous support forum, whether it be online or locally. This way, you will get the support that you need regularly, so that you remain on the right track.

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