Yeast Infection Cures: What You Need to Know

In finding yeast infection cures for yeast infection, a.k.a. Candidiasis, it is vital for the treatment to be efficient and effective, it would be best to find the specific kind and nature of the infection. This can be achieved in multiple ways, including a trip to a doctor, specially a gynecologist, or doing some laboratory test. Not only this will provide information on what kind of infection you are suffering, but also it can provide information whether the yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans (the culprit behind yeast infections), or it caused by other factors such as other infections that led to yeast infection.

The doctors? job is the most vital of the process, and that is pinning the right diagnosis. Hopefully the lab results and other information can make the elimination process easier and gets the right diagnosis the first time. There are plenty of reasons why yeast infection occurs; this may include diabetes, pregnancy, antibiotics and other multitude of reasons. That is why it very important to arrive on a definitive underlying cause of Candidiasis, this will help tremendously on finding the right treatment. What we don?t want is the waste of time and money of treating the yeast infection?s symptoms and not the underlying cause.

The market today is flooded with yeast infection medications, this may include over the counter purchased treatment, prescribed by a doctor treatment and natural methods. Although I highly recommend that you try first natural methods for treating Candidiasis, but at the same time we cannot ignore the other types of medication to treat yeast infection, which you can buy easily over the counter. I have already articles that focuses on natural methods that?s why we?ll take a look on the over the counter medication counterparts.

To start off, nystatin, clotrimazole, ketoconazole or fluconazole, these are the most common ingredients that can be found in most of the over the counter treatments and medication. Since they work in topical way, they obviously come in form of a lotion or cream. This can be easily applied to the affected area of the body where yeast infection is present.

But if asked to choose in which of the four ingredients should you try first for yeast infection cures? The answer would be a topical or lotion that would contain clotrimazole. This is found to be the most effective treatment for many in the form of topical treatment. Although clotrimazole may be named differently from country to country, have no worries as long as the main ingredient of the topical cream would clotrimazole, it would be just as effective if named or marketed differently.

As for increasing the effectiveness yeast infection cures, one thing you certainly do is simultaneously use topical and oral treatment. Some brands already package oral and topical treatment into one package, which would help a lot in the ?less-of-a-hassle? department. Certainly you can also choose your choice of topical and your choice of oral medication and use them both, but it is advise that you do this with the consult of a doctor to prevent any complications.

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