Yeast Infection And Pregnancy ,Tips On How To Eliminate It

The hormonal changes of the women’s body during pregnancy set –off the PH level in the in the woman body .As far as the body holds a certain amount of yeast, some health practitioners claim that the hormonal estrogen changes can also PH level of yeast in the body. Almost 70% of women will experience at least in their lifetime. I never had it until I carried my first pregnancy.

Generally speaking, the same natural treatmemts and cures along with the ways of how to prepare and use a variety of natural remedies for a yeast infection can also be used to treat infection during pregnancy.But because of the concern for the baby’s situation or wellbeing ,it is advisable to consult a health care professional before using any treatment,whether natural or drug, during pregnancy,again and again this should be done in order to avoid any negative effects on the baby.

Pre gnant women should avoid perfumed feminine hygiene sprays,avoid any bubble baths especially avoid non-organic soaps , do away with fake natural soaps, make sure you check the ingredient because most of these contains harsh chemicals then the average soap.Please check if they are non –organic or filled with artificial colours and perfumed.

Some women may not understand one simple rule when it comes bathroom cleanliness in the area of wiping properly,if one has never heard that there is proper way of to wipe,then this may be the cause of all of the yeast infections, bacteria growth near the anus and this can be transmitted to the vaginal area if the woman wipes from back to front.Ther efore it is advisable to wipe the area from front to back as this will hinder transmission of bacteria vaginal yeast during pregnancy can be helped by making changes in eating habits/pattern as well as in the environment that is allowing yeast to thrive.As with any other reason for yeast infection flareup,trying to avoid times when your vaginal area becomes warm, most environment is most important keeping ,keeping your self indoors and away from the heat of summer during pregnancy is not only good to avoid this,but body temperature can change PH level,and a yeast infection may follow that temperature rise. It is advisable to avoid such time that can rise PH level especially right before birth.

Another healing measure is to wash genital before and after sexual intercourse with itbsp .Distill white vinegar diluted in 2 cups warm water ,since sexual intercourse can irritate the inflamed vaginal area, try to avoid it as much as possible during treatment.

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