Treatment of Sexual Impotence

It is true that many men at certain times in their lives experience a temporary sexual impotence, being in situations where they can not maintain an erection sufficient for relation or even can not have it. The reasons may be many and varied: too much alcohol, fatigue, distress, or just do not feel enough attraction to the woman he is. Whenever this type of dysfunctions are sporadic there is no reason for concern, but if it is something very common this problem can be considered serious and can lead to marital problems failing to gain a climax, or orgasm in women.

Causes of Impotence:
Impotence is a disorder that can occur in both relation and practice of masturbation, impotence is not a single cause: some is rooted in organic and other problems stem from psychological disturbances. In most cases it is a problem that can be solved, but you need to get a good specialist diagnostic approach to ascertain the cause of this disease and apply them as a therapeutic treatment or another. As advances previously, impotence may be due to physical problems, and fortunately, in these cases can be resolved. These causes include: frequent pain in the male organ foreskin due to a short or tight frenulum, the fear does have a painful erection that man can not relax enough; fortunately this can be fixed by surgery.

Male impotency:
Diabetes in middle-aged men and elderly makes them incapable of having an erection or if you can get there, they find it impossible to maintain. Hormonal problems also cause sexual impotence: the low level of testosterone (male relation hormone) can lead to impotence, including certain prescription drugs such as antidepressants. Some surgical procedures produce this evil and excessive use of heroin and excessive alcohol.

Impotence Treatment:
As previously mentioned sexual impotence can be treated, the first thing to do is discuss the problem with the couple to get to the root of it, in these cases is important for women to take the problem as also outside it. The next step is to stop looking insistently relation, and the man will get rid of some pressure, then when the man reaches the erection is recommended oral relation for greater stimulation. There are treatments to achieve elimination of sexual impotence: the use of certain substances to achieve an erection is a highly recommended alternative: they must be injected into the corpus cavernous of the male organ; they dilate blood vessels and cause an erection that lasts about an hour.

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