Setting the Stage for Sleep - Insomnia Tips

Here's the common sense approach, which is to have regular bedtimes and to get into a "winding down" routine before going to bed.

Try winding down, by gradually dimming or switching off lights as the evening goes on.

Do something relaxing like watching TV or reading or listening to soft music before going to sleep.
Listen to a sleep hypnosis CD.
You could take some Valerian tincture in some water and an l-theanine capsule before sleeping.
If you're particularly stressed, you can take an extra l-theanine capsule earlier in the evening.
Melatonin is a useful adjunct too, but avoid taking it unless you really need it, simply because it is a hormone and anything hormonal should never be taken lightly.
Try and get your partner to massage your neck and shoulders, temples and scalp with a few drops of chamomile essential oil, diluted in a carrier oil.
Heat a lavender wheat bag and put it around the back of your neck.

Have a slice of turkey, with some lettuce on half a slice of bread, preferably on an empty stomach. The trytophan in the turkey helps you sleep and the lettuce makes you drowsy.

Avoid exercise within 3 hours of bedtime, as it increases hormones, body temperature and alertness, which thwart attempts to sleep and can cause insomnia.

Try not to have any stimulants like coffee, tea or cola after 6pm.

Don't stay in bed and toss and turn and stress out if you can't sleep, get out of bed and get a warm milky drink and read something light for about half an hour and then try again (to sleep).

Avoid having a heavy meal just before going to bed. Have your evening meal at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Don't get into any animated discussions or arguments or major decision making after 9pm if that’s possible.

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