The Relationship Between Hormones And Aging

People wonder why they age. Indeed, it is a personal dilemma: the causes of aging and how to prevent or slow down the process as much as possible. Thanks to several achievements in science, however, people are now educated as why and how their bodies age.

Going into the core of the issues, we then find out that it is the action of hormones that are causing both the body?s development as well as its deterioration associated with the process of aging.

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are substances that are secreted or produced by the body. They are responsible, starting with puberty, for the body?s growth and changes. Even when the growth spurt is over, hormones are still produced by the body to perform other functions like managing the body?s immune system, controlling the body?s metabolism, overseeing the death and regeneration of the body?s cells.

You can see now that hormones are the most important substances in our body. Continued production of hormones make several things possible like quickly healing any damage to body?s cells, especially skin cells. The more hormones there are in the body, the faster the body?s response to any damage.

An Explanation about Aging

Hormones are also responsible for the process of aging. Aging occurs when the body starts slowing down on its hormone production. As explained earlier, the presence of hormones in our body allow for the body?s fast reaction to cell damage and deterioration. If there are fewer hormones in the body, the equilibrium between cell regeneration and death is tipped.

You can see now the relationship between hormones and aging. The reason why people?s skin wrinkle ? a common manifestation of aging ? is that there are fewer hormones in the body to signal cell regeneration to keep the skin smooth and supple. The decline in hormone production is also directly related to the impairments that come along with aging like memory loss, lesser efficiency of the immune system and many others.

Preventing Aging

Solving the problem of aging is easy as adding one and one. The culprit has now been exposed. Since hormone production is responsible for the onset of aging, one can also conclude that regaining the levels of hormone production to match that of your younger years can slow down or defeat the process of aging altogether.

People in the past are in the mercy of the aging process, because there has not been anything they could do. Today, however, there are now hormonal supplements that can be used as anti-aging treatments. This is all thanks to tireless research by scientists and pharmaceutical companies.

There is more than one type of hormonal supplements available. There essentially three types of hormone treatments. These synthetic hormones are the following:

Human Growth Hormone. HGH is commonly used in anti-aging treatments for the body. This boosts the total production of hormones in the body to slow down aging.

DMAE 2. DMAE2 is intended to boost the brain?s capabilities and to keep it functioning healthily.

DHEA. This type of hormone was formulated to improve the body?s metabolism.

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