Natural home remedies for the treatment of alcoholism

Grapes :-
The most important home remedy for alcoholism is an exclusive diet, for a month or so, of grapes. Since this fruit contains the purest form of alcohol, it is an ideal yet healthy substitute for alcohol. Alcoholics should take three meals a day of fresh grapes at five-hourly intervals. The success of this treatment depends on the determination of the alcoholic to stop drinking.

Apples :
Apples are another effective remedy for alcoholism. A generous intake of apples helps remove intoxication. It reduces the craving for wines and other intoxicating liquors. Helps to cure alcoholism.

Dates :-
Dates are considered beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. The patient should drink half a glass of water in which four or five dates have been rubbed together. This remedy should be taken twice daily for a month. It will bring definite relief.

Bitter Gourd :
- The juice of the leaves of bitter gourd is an antidote for alcohol intoxication. It is also useful for a liver damaged due to alcoholism. Three teaspoons of this juice, mixed with a glass of butter milk, should be taken every morning for a month.
Salami: Eat a sandwich made out of salami and butter on ciabatta bread, which would absorb a fair amount of alcohol from body.

Raw Almonds:
These are useful in reducing addiction caused by alcohol.

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