Low Sperm Count Problem

Low sperm count is creation of low quality sperm that is unable to fertilize the female egg. some couples who have been trying to get pregnant may release that all their efforts to conceive may be in vain because the sperm produced by the male is way below normal conditions. Low sperm count is also known as oligospermia.

There are various ways to treat this problem; sperm count can be increased through the following methods:

1) Do not overheat the testicles! – everyone knows that sitting in the hot tub is one of the most enjoyable experiences but be warned, overheating the testicles is not good for sperm count. Avoid anything that could heat the testicles e.g. hot water baths, tight undergarments and saunas.

2) Maintaining a healthy diet – try to avoid processed foods, because over processed foods often lead to a decrease in sperm count. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins are great for boosting the sperm count. Ensure you also add lots of fresh fruits to you diet; the following foods are very good for increasing sperm count:

 Oysters
 Fresh celery
 Bananas
 Almonds
 Avocados etc

3) Masturbate less often – if you can't stop masturbating altogether, maintain a three day break between two successive ejaculations because frequent masturbation make the semen less dense, which leads to low sperm count. Endeavour not to allow masturbation become a habit, you can control it.

4) Nutritional supplements – Many nutritional supplements that are either prescribed or sold over the counter can actually help you increase sperm count, available supplements includes:

 Vitamin C, E and B12 supplements – these supplements can help to increase sperm count and also improve the quality of sperm produced, they are also known to protect the sperm from damage too.
 Supplements – studies have shown that supplements not only increase the male sperm count, it also helps to increase fertility in most infertile men.
 Zinc supplements – these supplements are great for raising testosterone levels which in turn increases sperm count.

5) Exercise regularly – when you exercise, you end up shedding excess weight and increase your sperm count in the process. You don't have to be overweight in order to exercise, although obesity contributes to low sperm count but staying healthy is not a bad idea or is it?

Quit unhealthy Life style – lifestyle and habits such as smoking and excessive drinking lead to low sperm count. Please be concern, alcohol and smoking affects the quality of sperm.

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