How to Fight Swine Flu with Natural Remedies

Strengthening Your Immune System:


After Tamiflu has been presumed not capable anymore in paralyzing swine flu a.k.a. H1N1 A Influenza, meanwhile The Indonesia Health Minister has proclaimed swine flu as an outbreak, what should we do to protect ourselves from this severe flu?

H1N1 A Influenza a.k.a. swine flu started attacking Indonesia on June, 24th 2009. The disease came along with the tourists, who had intention to spend their holidays in Bali, and also with those who got back from spending holidays abroad. This swine flu is unbearable, said a headline in one of local newspaper. It’s shocking that Jakarta has the second most swine flu patients after Bali. Meanwhile, it is said that tamiflu is no longer capable of curing either swine flu or bird flu. Then, what should we do to protect ourselves from these two severe flu?

Here is the simple and easy solution for your colds and flu using natural remedies from growing your own plants or just buy the ingredients. Step by step making your home made natural remedies recipes:
Grow A Remedy


It is known that virus makes us got flu. Over-produce of nose mucus, dry throat, headache, and sometimes little bit fever. Having a cold is not the same with having influenza. Cold is not as hard as influenza. The symptoms are almost the same but cold’s symptoms are lighter than the syndromes of influenza. When you’re supposed to have a cold, but if you feel weary muscle, sore joint, and reaching 39┬║C of fever, freezing, bad headache and dry cough, it means you’ve got yourself infected by influenza. Swine flu’s syndrome is kind of the same, only the virus caused it is not the same with influenza’s virus. It’s a different kind of virus.

A common cold can be healed in few days. As long as there’s no other symptoms or complications such as bronchitis/pneumonia; but swine flu is more vicious, because the symptoms are worst so that needs hospital treatment. Usually, patient is treated by tamiflu and IV (intra venus) as well for fluid addition. Tamiflu is a special medicine for killing swine flu and bird flu virus. However later on, tamiflu is no longer effective in killing those two beast virus. Now, the clinician expert is beginning to try other way: strengthening body’s immune, by nutrition therapy.


Ulcer is part of digestive system in our body. It is kind of a ‘meeting place’ that connects inner body with its outer. All food and drinks must have through it. Inside there, all are digested and absorbed. The immunity system works to sort and put aside ‘unidentified’ protein in our food to be eliminated later. The other function of immunity system is to destroy microorganisms that came along with our meal, and we do not aware that the meal has been contaminated by bad microorganisms.

Good immune system is able to destroy every possibility disease in lung and ulcer. If you’re already infected by flu or other symptoms, strengthen your immune system is one of the best ways to deal with the disease. As well as swine flu, for you who had already infected by this, you still have a chance to increase your immunity to higher level, and slay swine flu virus in your body. And for you, who are still in perfect condition, it is suggested for you to take care of yourself by strengthening your body immune too. One of the ways is by applying nutrition therapy.


Once you’re infected by swine flu, take a lot of sleep and rest is the only medication you should get. Have some meal, a lot of drink mineral water, herbal tea, or soup. Flu virus hates fluids like juice and sweet drinks, but gives benefit to flu patient, since they contain antioxidant. It is the best treatment for flu patient or even for the healthy person as a protection.

Here are some foods which are able to increase our immune system: basil, spice, onion, garlic, cloves, rosemary, pepper, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, blackberry, blueberry, lemon, fresh yogurt, orange, and whole grains. Increase daily intake with vegetables and fresh fruits, especially fruits in colors (red, light yellow and green).

It is not recommended for patients to drink milk and other products contained milk (dairy), since milk and dairy products can increase runny-nose.


Virus don’t kill us, Dr. Robert O. Young said in He is the founder of The New Biology and The Science of Alkaline Living programme creator in United States of America. He thinks, virus has no killing-potential, and when we are infected by flu (either swine or bird) and then died, we are not dead because of flu. It is the “acid”. “Virus” itself in Latin means “poison” or “acid”. So, it means, when it is told that swine flu killed thousand of people, it’s not the swine flu virus caused it, it is the excess of the “acid” in human’s body. Where the “acid” comes from? It comes from every acidic food and drink we have everyday. And we have the acid too much.

Here are the examples of acidic food and drink: liquor, beer, beans, processed rice, corn, yeast, ketchup, poultry meat, red meat, and so on. The forbidden food is pork meat! Do you know why? Among all poultry meat, pork meat has the lowest pH level (almost reach the number of 2), therefore it is very much potential to make our blood become acid. Therefore, logically, the only way to avoid swine flu and any other flu is to have food with high base level rather than high acid level (it is told that we need our blood in enough base level to be healthy). Food with base level means food containing sodium mineral, magnesium, and potassium and carbonay calcium. We can find all those in vegetables and fresh colored fruits.


Dr. Robert O. Young says that the reason why we can be so susceptible of getting flu (swine or bird or any flu) is eating too much acidic garbage. We need to pay attention to this. Still from Dr. Robert O., the acidic excess can be triggered by stress and negative emotion. He suggests eliminating the acidic factors through every “holes” in our body such as eyes, ears, mouth, or nose. Don’t try to eliminate the acidic thing by medication or vaccination! What he meant was that we should control those “holes” from “acid” food consumption rudely and uncontrolled.

Pierre Jean Cousin and Kirsten Hartvig, in their book The Complete Guide to Nutritional Health, say that to avoid being infected by flu, we should increase our immune system. Besides suggesting having appropriate diet, there is another dominant factor: life style (healthy immune system depends on healthy body condition). Factors that included in life style: stress, pollution, liquor/alcohol, smoking, drugs, medicine intervention, obesity, lack of exercise, and being old. You MUST change that unhealthy life style, especially when you are in the middle age.

Now, you know how to protect yourself from swine flu attack. It is not the virus we should be afraid of, it is the “acid” stuff. Please do have a healthy diet (try not to eat too much acidic food and drink) and healthy life style. No vaccination and no medication. It’s easy right?

Source: Nirmala Magazine, August 2009
Translated by SFina Karlina, is a freelance translator/interpreter in english vv indonesian. Based in Bandung, Indonesia. Reach her at

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