How To Cure Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot causes pain, itching, and burning of the feet and toes. While it is a frustrating problem, a few simple steps can treat this common foot fungus.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 20 minutes
Here's How:
Wear sandals in the gym locker room.
Fungi love those steamy, wet floors! They're just waiting for feet like yours to latch on to. Don't make it easy for athlete's foot to find you.

Change your socks often.
While it may seem obvious...change into a clean pair! Laundry is a pain, but it's not so bad that a few extra socks from frequent changing will slow you down.

Wash your feet.
No, the soapy water from washing your hair that rinses by your feet does not do the trick! A good scrub between the toes will clean away many of the pests that cause athlete's foot.

Over the counter treatments work.
Ask the pharmacist for the right medication, and then apply as directed. Unfortunately, these athlete's foot treatments require frequent applications, that's the hardest part.

Keep your feet dry.
A little talc will help even the sweatiest of feet. Fungi hate dry places, make your feet inhospitable to the athlete's foot critters.

Be careful in the shower!
While washing feet and wearing sandals are good, don't create more orthopedic problems (e.g. fractures) by slipping. Get the no-skid sandals.

Even the cheaper medications work.
Don't be concerned about getting expensive medications, many of the cheap ones are just the same. Ask the pharmacist for help finding an athlete's foot medication.

See your doctor if you can't solve the problem.
If you can't resolve the problem on your own, see your doctor. Some people just can't seem to rid the athlete's foot. But don't despair, see your doctor for more treatments of athlete's foot.

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