Honey for boosting your Memory

Civilizations across the world have considered honey sacred and magical because of its strong healing powers. This golden miracle food is also mentioned in the Quran, about the importance of Honey. People who know the food value of honey are more likely to eat it regularly than those than those who don’t.

What can Honey do for your health?

Honey is Good for your Mind.
Honey has free sugar molecules which makes the brain function better since the brain is the largest consumer of sugar, thus, reduces fatigue. Honey as a property where it can rapidly diffuses through the blood in 7 minutes when accompanied with water.

Good Blood flow to the brain is good for your mind, Honey also supports blood formation as it provides an important part of the energy needed by the body for blood formation. In addition, it helps in cleansing the blood. It has some positive effects in regulating and facilitating blood circulation. It also functions as a protection against capillary problems and arteriosclerosis.

Honey helps in healing wounds.
Honey promotes healing of ulcers and burns better than any other local application. It can also be applied to other surface wounds, including cuts and abrasions,stomach aches such as gastric ulcers and diarrhea.

Honey have germ fighting properties.
Honey act as natural antiseptic. By applying honey to your wounds,cuts, you can prevent infections. Honey contains antimicrobial agents, which prevents infections by killing the bacteria in and around your wounds. Many types of bacteria can’t survive in honey, so wounds heal, swelling eases, and tissue can grow back.

Honey for Natural Beauty.
Honey softens and moisturizes for a healthy complexion. To take advantage of honey's skin softening potential, splash warm water on your face to open the pores. Then apply a thin honey mask, wash it off, and finish with a bit of cold water to the face. Dry skin cells plump up and wrinkles tend to smooth away. Dairy cream, whipped egg white, fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or any fruit juice may be mixed into your honey mask.

Honey for treating Allergies.
A research by Dr. William G. Peterson, an allergist from Ada in the 1950's, said he now has 22,000 patients across the nation who are using raw honey along with more customary medications to relieve allergy symptoms.

"It must be raw honey because raw honey contains all the pollen, dust and molds that cause 90 per cent of all allergies," - Dr. William G. Peterson.

Honey as Anti-Cancer.
Recent studies by Gribel and Pashinskii indicated that honey possessed moderate antitumor and pronounced anti-metastatic effects in five different strains of rat and mouse tumors.

Advantages of Honey.

1. It is non-irritating to the lining of the digestive tract.

2. It is easily and rapidly assimilated.

3. It quickly furnishes the demand for energy.

4. It enables athletes and others who expand energy heavily to recuperate rapidly from exertion.

5. It is, of all sugars, handled best by the kidneys.

6. It has a natural and gentle laxative effect.

7. It has sedative value, quieting the body.

8. It is easily obtainable.

9. It is inexpensive.

For Medicinal properties

1. Calming down the nervous system.

2. Producing sleep at night.

3. Relieves annoying coughs.

4. Has a laxative action which is effective, yet mild.

5. Relieves pain in arthritis.

6. It is antiseptic.

7. Cures bed-wetting in children.

8. Controls muscle cramps.

9. Relieves burns.

10. Relieves stuffy nose.

11. Treats hay fever.

12. Relieves nasal sinusitis.

Blackherbals dot com have listed most of it advantages. Click here to read more.

Honey application in Ayurvedic Therapies.
Ayurveda treats it as food for health while even ancient medicine systems used it both an external applicator for some conditions, as well as an oral medicine. In India it is believed that cooking honey will break down amino acids and cause ama or acidity in the system.

Besides, the age of the honey is also important in the Indian food system. Young honey (less than six months old), is healing for people with pitta characteristics. Fresh honey is actually best for everyone, but then it can be consumed with foods that counter its negative properties like cold and dry basic nature. Accompanied, for example, with sesame seeds, it can help warm the system. With yoghurt, it serves to enhance the astringent properties. Adding honey to boiled milk, serves to render warmth and drying qualities to the milk.

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