Home Remedies for Sunburn

Do's and Don't for Sunburn

Following are some of the simple tips for sunburn:

- Avoid excess sun exposure like excess outing and swimming.

- Never scrub your face excessively and always use natural soaps and lotion.

- Do not apply milk cream or oily lotions to the sunburn affected area as it lead much pigmentation and damage to the skin.

- Drink plenty of water everyday as it keeps the skin which is sunburn moisturized and acts as a good substitute of the fluid which you lost by sun exposure.

- Develop a practice of daily skin cleansing using natural face wash or mild soaps.

- Apply natural sun protective cream on the skin before going out to the sun.

- Wear sunglass when you are going out in the sun.

- Do not use harsh chemical based soap, and face wash for washing sunburn face as it cause inflammation and much damage to the skin.

- Eat fresh fruits that are high in water content such as watermelons, oranges, sweet limes and cantaloupes.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Following are some of the effective home remedies for sunburn:

- Make a paste of some barley powder in milk. Add little olive oil to it. Then add honey and the white of an egg. Blend the whole thing into a consistent paste and apply it on the skin. This method is only effective for sunburns on the face.

- Prepare a mixture of tomato juice in buttermilk, in the ratio of 1:6 by composition. Apply this mixture on the sunburned parts. This will help the skin to be healed very quickly.

- Take cabbage or lettuce leaves and soak them in cold water or refrigerate them. When they are cold enough, lay them on the affected parts of the skin. This will reduce the sunburns and heal them.

- Dip few drops of rose water in a cold water and have a refreshing bath. This will act as a good sunburn reliever in the summer days.

- For slightly more aggravated sunburns, you can have a tub bath in cool water. Be sure to keep the sunburned parts of your skin for at least fifteen minutes in the water.

- If the sunburn has affected your cheeks and the areas under your eyes, then used tea bags or slices of cucumber, potato and tomato can be placed on these regions.

- Add few drops of sandalwood oil in the cold water and have a refreshing bath. This will cool down and relief the sunburn skin and keeps a healthy balance of your body.

- Add few drops of vinegar in a bucket of water and soak a soft cotton cloth and put it on the face (except on eyes) and other body parts, this act as good sunburn reliever.

- Prepare milk and water solution in a ratio of (1:1) and soak a soft cloth in this solution and put on face and other sunburn affected area. This will relieve discomfort caused from sunburn.

- Mix 3-4 tablespoons of oatmeal in the water and take a refreshing bath. This reduces skin itching and irritation.

- Mix few drops of peppermint oil in a bath tub and enjoy the refreshing bath.

- Apply cucumber juice to soften the skin and reduce redness and inflammation of the skin caused due to sunburn. Mix one tablespoon cucumber juice and one tablespoon milk and dab your face using this solution; this relives the burning sensation and puffiness caused because of sunburn.

Herbal Remedies for Sunburn

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for sunburn:

- Aloe vera (ghrita kumari) is a natural sunscreen. Apply aloe vera paste on the skin before going out into the sun. It is a natural barricade to the harmful rays of the sun.

- Sandalwood (chandana) has cooling properties and is an herbal sunscreen. Apply its paste on the skin before going out into the sun. Dilute the paste otherwise it becomes too thick and stretches uncomfortably on the skin.

- Apply onion juice on sunburn affected area to keep the skin cool and reduces inflammation.

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