Home Remedies for Leg Pain

Leg Pain
Do's and Don't for Leg Pain

Following are some of the simple tips for leg pain:

- Drink plenty of water as it soothes muscles contractions and also relief leg pain. Before doing any physical exercises like, going for gym, walking, drink sufficient quantity of water as it keeps the body hydrated.

- Drink fruit juices to maintain a healthy balance of body and mind.

- Eat cheese, milk, soya beans, nuts, green vegetables salads, food with high calcium contents and potassium contents as they are very necessary for bones. They will make your bones strong and relieve leg pain.

- Take a balanced nutritional diet including green vegetables, carrot, sugarcane, bananas, nuts, sprouts, apple, citrus fruits oranges, beets, and grapes.

- Regular exercise and yoga is strongly recommended for those suffering with leg pain. They are very effective in relieving leg pain, joint pain, hips pain, and many more.

- Do leg stretching exercises as it improves blood circulation and relives leg pain and muscular contractions.

- Improper digestion can cause leg pains so care must be taken not to eat anything that can cause digestive problems. Eat green vegetables and leafy vegetables that contain fiber. Avoid coffee and chocolate if you have persistent leg pain problems.

Home Remedies for Leg Pain

Following are some of the effective home remedies for leg pain:

- Fenugreek (methi) is very effective in curing leg pain. Dry methi leaves under sun for 4-5 days. Mix it in a glass of water. Take this mixture in early morning.

- Vinegar is another easy home remedy for relieving leg pain. Apply a cloth pad thoroughly wet in vinegar solution to the joints, foot or other part of leg. This will give relief from the leg pain and discomfort.

- You can also try this simple home remedy for leg pain. Massaging with oils like mustard oil, coconut oil gives fast relief from severe leg pain.

- Do regular warm oil massage in downward direction to get relief from leg pain. Stretch your leg gently and massage the strained muscles using warm oil, it gives relief from pain in joints, knees, leg palm, calf muscles, and hips.

- Take a warm water bath of Epsom salt. It is rich in magnesium and act as a good pain reliever. This is very helpful for arthritis patients and relieves leg pain.

- Do not take alcohol, excess sugar, smoking, and chewing tobacco, especially, if there is a leg pain due to the disturbance in the functioning of nerves.

- If you get a sudden sprain in the leg, then prepare a paste of turmeric with lime and salt and apply it on the affected area. It will give relief from leg pains.

- Drink a glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt in it if the cramps occur when performing an exercise workout or some physical activity.

- In case of arthritis pain, crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and add them to a glass of diluted milk. Boil it to quarter its amount and drink it just before bedtime.

- Add one part of camphor in twenty parts of mustard oil. Keep this in the sun till the time the camphor properly dissolves in the oil. Use this oil to massage the leg on a daily basis. This is easy and effective home remedy for leg pain.

Herbal Remedies for Leg Pain

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for leg pain:

- Licorice is used in relieving muscle aches. An infusion of its roots must be prepared in water and kept overnight. This is helpful in almost all kinds of muscle problems.

- Madhuca is beneficial in leg pains, especially if they are due to rheumatism. Madhuca oil is applied locally over the affected regions.

- Pepper has analgesic properties and is used as a liniment in muscular problems. It helps in dilating the superficial blood vessels, thus helping in proper blood circulation.

- Apply clove oil on the affected leg muscle as a poultice. It provides immediate relief from pains, especially if they are due to muscle cramps.

- Ginger is another natural remedy that has painkilling properties. Include ginger in your diet if muscular pains in the legs are a chronic problem.

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