Home Remedies for Jetlag

Do's and Don't for Jetlag

Following are some of the simple tips for jetlag:

- Do not overeat when you have to sit for long hours in the plane as the food will not digest completely. This may cause acidity, indigestion, vomiting, etc. Protein or carbohydrate rich foods are most preferable as it will help in proper sleep during flight.

- You should not drink alcohol or any other hard drinks. Excess consumption of alcohol slows down the metabolic activity, dries and chokes the throat, severe headache, nervousness, mood swing etc.

- Drink water before and after the flight. Do not take too much water. Once your plane reaches higher altitude, you will experience frequent urination and this will trouble you a lot.

- Once you are in the plane, make yourself comfortable by stretching your legs as much as you can, cover yourself properly with soft blanket, and sleep.

- Wear proper fitted clothes, comfortable shoes, and soft socks.

- People with excess vomiting tendency should keep lozenges and sweet candies with them.

Home Remedies for Jetlag

Following are some of the effective home remedies for jetlag:

- At high altitudes, the humidity is low. Hence the body tends to get dehydrated when flying. In order to prevent this dehydration, you must drink sufficient water during the flight.

- A couple of days before leaving for the flight have a heavy meal that is rich in protein. This will build up tenacity of the body in order to face the flight and the new time zone.

- During air travel, there is a high possibility that the free radicals in your body may be depleted. To maintain their proper amount, you must take supplements or food rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

- Massaging your entire body before you leave for the flight helps greatly. Use oils that are aromatic for that lingering fresh fragrance. You can use an aromatherapy massage with one part of sandalwood oil mixed in twenty parts of coconut oil. Get an expert to do the massage so that all the vital points of the body are massaged.

- You should keep yourself active during the trip. Do not remain sitting for the entire duration of the flight if it’s a long journey. This will cramp your muscles and you will get aches when you disembark. Shuffle your hands and feet as much as you can while sitting.

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