Home Remedies for alcoholism

Primary alcohol home remedy includes:
To start with replace alcohol with a glass of fresh juice, sweetened with honey
Include fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, sprouts and nuts as part of your diet
Apples are primarily recommended as they reduce the craving for alcohol or any other intoxicating liquors
Have grapes for a month
Rub 4-5 dates in half a glass of water and drink it for about a month
Mix 3 teaspoons of juice from the leaves of bitter gourd in buttermilk and drink it empty stomach, every morning
Mix half glass of celery juice with equal amount of water and have it everyday for a month

Eating habits need to cohere with activity. So a considerable amount of exercise is necessary, maybe in the form of Yoga, as suggested by many. A few Yogic asans for health include:

A few Yogic kriyas include:

A few simple Pranayamas include:
Things to do:
Drink plenty of water
Do hot fomentations on the stomach and abdomen with a wet girdle
Take several small meals in a day
Refined food ¾ sugar, white rice, macaroni products, white flour and meat.
Strong pepper, mustard oil and chilli
Large meals
Smoking as it increases the desire for alcohol

It is your life and it is certainly very precious. So live it with joy and respect!!

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