Head Sweating – Learn the Cause to Solve the Problem

What is the cause of excessive sweating? Before we answer that question, let us first distinguish excessive sweating referred to as hyperhidrosis from the regular excessive sweating. Under normal circumstances like due to exercise or heat, a person will normally sweat. However, if a person excessively sweats even if all other persons are not, this can be due to disorder of sweat glands or what we called hyperhidrosis.

A person can experience hyperhidrosis in parts of the body like feet, hands, head or armpit. Well, if a person has a problem with excessive hand sweating, he can always hide it by always holding a handkerchief. Also, if a person is having a problem with excessive feet sweating, he can always apply a talcum powder before he wears his shoes. Yes, in these cases the excessive sweating is temporarily solved by hiding it. But it does not end there.

For example, if a person has excessive head sweating, hiding it will only cause much problem. Some people will prefer to wear a hat just to hide their head sweat, only to realize that once they take off their hat, they will have wet smelly hair. Additionally, their hair will smell bad and will be damp.

Also, if a person is experiencing facial sweating, it is even more impossible to hide it. A person suffering from this has no choice but to keep on wiping the sweat with a handkerchief.

As aforementioned, hiding the problem will not end it. Even if you will wear a hat seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the problem will still continue. It is important to remove the main cause of the problem. Knowing the cause will help you find the solution.

Excessive sweating (e.g. head sweating) is caused by different factors. For example it can be hereditary. Meaning, it can be passed from one generation to the next. For instance, if your mother has excessive head sweating, there is a big possibility that such health condition will be passed on to you or the next generation.

Excessive head sweating (or other types of hyperhidrosis) can be due to obesity. Perhaps you can consider reducing your weight and eat the right kinds of food. Get rid of unhealthy food. However, don’t just decide to loss weight by buying pills. As already mentioned, eat healthy foods.

It can also be caused by thyroid disorder. You may consult your doctor about this. If you have thyroid problem, you may sweat excessively. So, eat the right kinds of food especially those with rich in iodine.

These are just some of the known causes of sweating. If you have excessive head sweating don’t hid it. Find the solution but never hide it by always wearing a hat. Instead always take a shower and shampoo your hair. Also, don’t use hair blower to dry your hair since it will just cause sweating.

Treating head sweating will not take effect in a snap of finger. You have to be patient enough to see the effects. You must also have self-control to do everything that your doctor will tell you. Lastly, acquire enough knowledge.

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