Don't Forget Your Eyes! The Importance of Sunglasses

Author: Aakash Shah

Sun glasses are not a fashion symbol alone. Their main use is to protect your eyes from harmful rays. Not only do sunglasses shield your eyes from the sting of the sun but like sunscreen, sunglasses also keep harmful UV rays from your eyes.

It is not that sunglasses should be worn during summer or winter. It is advised to wear sunglasses irrespective of the season. Today most of the beauticians advice to use sunscreen lotion everyday. Similarly sunglasses glasses become a part of daily attire to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Different types of sunglasses are available in the market. You must choose your pair of glass based on your needs and your budget. Before buying a sunglass, be sure to check for the UV protection factor.

Celebrity sunglasses are designed by experts for the celebrities based on their needs. Today many people want to use the sunglasses worn by their favorite star.

Driving sunglasses are meant exclusively to reduce the glare caused by other vehicles and the sun, which is the obvious issue.

Sunglass clip-ons serve as an extra attachment to your regular glasses eliminating the need to buy a separate sun glass

Fun & Funky Styles are available with sunglasses to match the taste of all people. You can select from varying types of lenses and frames in different colors that will make you look gorgeous.

Glitter Party sunglasses are favorites of children and some fun loving adults as they are shiny

Golf sunglasses aid the golfer to perfectly keep track of the ball even during sunny days.

Kids sunglasses attract all kids as they have their favorite and funny cartoon characters. These glasses are available in different colors and they have new designs which are trendy.

Matrix sunglasses – wear your glass like any of your matrix hero

Mirrored sunglasses you see people and people see themselves in your glass

Motorcycle sunglasses help you to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as from blowing winds.

Oversized sunglasses have big frames that are trendy. If you feel that big frames will suit you then definitely go for this.

Polarized sunglasses help reduce the annoying and dangerous glare during driving, fishing, golfing etc.

Cop sunglasses will be your favorite if you want the look of a dutiful cop

Rhinestone sunglasses give you a daring and fun loving look

Sport Wrap sunglasses are perfect for someone who wants to stay outdoor. Perfect for fisher, skier, golfer who wants to eliminate glare at any angle and enjoy the game with utmost comfort.

Super Dark sunglasses are fun filled and gives you a mysterious look

Designer sunglasses are designed by fashion experts. They look exquisite, trendy but expensive. If you really want to look like an elegant chic and you have the money you can afford, then this is the best choice.

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