Cold Sores Home Remedies - Natural and Effective Treatment Alternatives

Cold sores home remedies are wise alternatives to effectively relieve and soothe cold sores and blisters. Anyone suffering from the discomfort caused by cold sores should be aware that there are natural methods to treat them. Home remedies offer cost-effective and all-natural way to manage cold sores.

Ice is one of the cheapest cold sores home remedies. Application can be done instantly because all you have to do is to gently rub the ice along the affected area. Do this for a few minutes and repeat every hour to achieve its soothing action.

One of the popular and widely-known cold sores home remedies is tea bag. The tea bag is firmly pressed over the cold sores for 30 minutes. Another way to do this is to apply the tea bag directly on the affected area with a slow, rubbing motion. The same steps should be repeated every hour to maximize its healing benefits.

Plain powdered salt can also be used to treat cold sores. Using a damp forefinger, apply salt directly over the blisters. Make sure to cover the whole affected area. Gently rub and spread the salt over the blistered area. With the same finger, press on the cold sores and hold for 30 seconds. Application of Aloe gel or gentle skin lubricants after rubbing the salt is strongly recommended to achieve optimum treatment.

Lemon balm is a mainstay of cold sores home remedies. Lemon juice is known for its healing properties. It effectively increases the rate at which cold sores can heal. Directly apply lemon extract over the affected part of the skin. Doing this can also disinfect the blistered skin.

Proper diet is one of the most effective cold sores home remedies. Discipline should be practiced to maximize the benefits you can get from eating right in order to treat cold sores. Foods that are rich in vitamins are good choices. Cut down on salt, caffeine, processed meat and dairy, foods rich in acid content and the ones that are rich in arginine such as whole wheat. Chocolate bars, nuts and seeds are likewise not recommended. However, they should be replaced with complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

Sanitation and disinfection are of high importance to avoid contaminants from worsening your skin condition. Cleanliness is essential to treat and manage cold sores. Keeping your hands, skin and the areas of your home clean and free from bacteria can guarantee the effectiveness of the cold sores home remedies that you are practicing.

These natural methods of treating cold sores are considered effective when done properly and hygienically. Learn more on how you can benefit from natural healing alternatives by visiting my blog about the wonders of these remedies.

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