Asthma Natural Cure

Asthma is generally common with people who are very sensitive to a few allergens that cause chronic inflammation of airways in lungs. There are various effective medications that are available for the treatment of asthma, but considering their side effects many people refrain from taking them. For such people, asthma natural cure is another alternative treatment method.

These asthma natural cure remedies have no side effects and are non-toxic. The basic aim of these natural medications is to strengthen the immune system of an individual thereby giving him strength to fight his diseases. Furthermore, these are also not very expensive when compared with other medications. But before taking any asthma natural cure remedies or treatment, it is important to consult a doctor to ensure that these will not create any further complication if taken with your existing medicines.

Also, no matter which medicines you are taking, it is essential to carry an emergency inhaler along with you for any serious asthma attack.

Some of the asthma natural cures are:

• Magnesium supplements – they helps muscles to relax and avert their tightening near air passageways.
• Products made from fish oil – these act as anti-inflammatory. They are available in both capsule and liquid form. These are not advisable if you have any food allergies as it may cause harmful reactions.
• Rosemary, thyme, spearmint, cloves and chamomile have many antioxidants. These help to induce sleep and muscles to relax.
• Antioxidants are also very effective. They include selenium, supplements of green tea, Vitamin E and various other products that were made to reduce the liberated radicals existing in the human body. Liberated radicals are mainly because of cough, cold and other such respiratory problems that adds to the irritation.
• Licorice and ginseng are the herbs that are also very effective.

All these asthma natural cure remedies when taken for a long period of time along with the precautions such as avoiding smoke, high-sugar and high-fat food items from your diet would together be really helpful for the treatment of asthma.

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