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How the body functions over years and years is one of the ‘wonders of science’ and experts understand a lot of what happens in our rejuvination process but prolonged rejuvination, naturally by the body, is still a phenomona that cannot be determined.

In order to help this rejuvination there are systems called ‘Microdermabrasion’ and in the main there are two:

1. Diamond Microdermabrasion
2. Aluminium Oxide Crystal Flushing Microdermabrasion

Both of the above systems are good and do give a good exfoliation of the skin which makes it look cleaner,healthier adding back beauty,removing dead skin cells,age spots,visible lines,acne scars,blemishes and stretch marks on the skin.

What are Antiaging Microdermabrasion Systems really about?

With system (1) above, Diamond Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peeling) is a fast,safe and easy way to reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

Here are some of the basic facts:

* Effective on all types of colours of skin (men & Women).
* All-natural,non surgical, painless and no side-effects.
* Home kits are readily available, to allow you to have your own treatment in the comfort of of your own home as and when required. Cheaper than going to salon’s/spas etc.,
* Helps reduce effects of aging and give your skin back its natural glow.

With system(2),Although Aluminium Oxide Crystals do an excellent job of rejuvinating the skin, more and more spas and clinics are choosing Diamond Peeling Systems over crystal machines to help improve the skin and give back some of its natural health and beauty.

Some of the main reasons why Diamond Peeling is a superior approach are:

* More and more spas and clinics are choosing Diamond Peeling Systems over Crystal Systems because they are easier and safer to use.
* Aluminium Oxide is the second hardest mineral found on earth. What is the hardest you ask?
* Diamond tipped wands are less likely to leave behind any unwanted particles in the nose,eyes or mouth (crystals can easily be left behind).
* Diamond Microdermabrasion does’nt require a fresh supply of crystals for each treatment, so it is more cost effective over time.

If we dissect the word micro-derm-abrasion, we find out it means to remove tiny, superficial damage to our skin. So how does it work? A Diamond Microdermabrasion System uses a fine, diamond-tipped, hand-held wand to remove the top layer of skin and debris, leaving behind a new, healthy layer of skin. This top layer consists only of dead skin cells which is why it is easy, safe and non-invasive. A light cream is applied to the skin first as a moisturizing-aid. The wand?s natural, diamond chips polish the skin and remove dead cells without causing irritation. Left-over dead skin cells and debris are removed with a filtered-vacuum that is conveniently built-in to the diamond-tipped wand, and can be disposed of easily. After your Diamond Peel treatment, a collagen mask will placed over your face. Your skin regains its density, elasticity and natural tone as collagen production is stimulated. A Diamond Peeling treatment can be performed every month.

In summary, no product is revolutionising the skin rejuvination industry like the Diamond Microdermabrasion Sysytem. It is fast,safe and easy and most importantly,its a proven method of reducing the effects of aging skin and naturally giving the skin back its healthy-looking glow!

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