Alternative Use Of Viagra

Viagra (Sildenafil Sitrate), is used in the treatment of sexual function problems or known as erectile-dysfunction problems for men. Viagra is a drug taken orally from four hours to one-half hour before sexual intercourse, as the need arises. It takes one hour before this blue pill reaches its peak effectiveness.There are 3 doses of Viagra: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

Several alternative use of viagra that you dont know

ED Drugs May Boost Orgasm Hormone
Viagra may increase production of oxytocin, a reproductive hormone released during orgasm.

Viagra May Help a Man's Heart
Researchers found that arterial stiffness decreased for men taking Viagra.

Relieve Symptoms of Raynaud's Phenomenon
Viagra causes blood vessels to dilate in a different way from other vasodilating drugs, which may explain why it helped Raynaud's patients who didn't respond to standard treatments. The researchers conclude that drugs like Viagra could offer "a promising new approach in patients with microcirculatory disorders."

Viagra May Help Crohn's Disease
In Crohn's disease, chronic inflammation causes ulcers within the digestive tract that can lead to severe gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. The researchers tested this theory and found that blood flow to the infected area improved.

Drug May Ease Pulmonary Hypertension
The best evidence so far of an alternative use of Viagra is for treating high blood pressure in the vessels of the lungs, known as pulmonary hypertension.

Jet lag
Viagra may speed up recovery from jet lag, according to research at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in Buenos Aires.

Doctors believe that if given within three days of a stroke, the drug could help both men and women regain and improve movement, speech and thinking via its effect on the molecule cGMP, which is thought to create new cells in the brain.

Multiple sclerosis
"It has been shown to protect multiple sclerosis patients from neurodegeneration through increased grey matter perfusion in the brain," the researchers from Auburn University.

Memory and learning
A number of studies have suggested that taking Viagra can boost memory and learning skills. Just how it does so, however, it not clear.

Viagra may cure diabetes
Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Mexico showed that Viagra lowered levels of compounds associated with heart disease in patients with type-2 diabetes. The drug also improved glucose control.

Underweight babies
Doctors have been using Viagra in a trial with pregnant women as a therapy for intrauterine growth restriction, in which the fetus is smaller than expected for the number of weeks of the pregnancy.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Drugs May Treat Urinary Problems
Medications commonly used to treat erection problems in men may also relieve the bothersome urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland, researchers said.

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