Acne Home Remedies

Acne Home Remedies – True and Effective Acne Treatment

Most acne treatments, unlike acne home remedies are concerned with relieving the acne symptoms without effecting a real permanent cure. This explains why the chances of recurrence are high. Acne sufferers are often told they would outgrow their acne problems. In serious cases, oral or topical antibiotics are given. The truth is such treatments are largely ineffective. Acne is a skin condition, and if you know that our skin is formed from inside out, then you would appreciate that to effectively treat acne, dealing with external effects and symptoms rather than our internal issues is clearly a wrong path. Acne home remedies on the other hand can bring true healing from within.

Let’s look at some harmful effects associated with using ready medications.

OTC Acne Medications

There are side effects associated with these medications such as:

1. Burning or redness of skin
2. Skin irritation

OTC Topical Medications

1. Stinging
2. Skin Peeling
3. Scaling
4. Skin Discoloration
5. Burning or redness of skin

Oral Antibiotics

1. Destroys friendly bacteria essential for our well-being
2. Vulnerable to Sunburns
3. Stomach upset
4. Giddiness or Headaches
5. Skin Discoloration
6. Lower effectiveness of birth control pills
7. Depression due to skin discoloration
8. Birth Defects if user is pregnant
9. Dryness of skin, lips, mouth
10. Itching
11. Nose Bleeding
12. Muscle Aches
13. Liver Disorders
14. Urinary Problems

Acne Home Remedies – External Application and Diet

Here’s a list of acne home remedies that are effective in curing acne without suffering from harmful side effects often associated with off-the-shelf or prescriptions drugs and medicines.

Vitamins as Acne Home Remedy

Vitamin A : Daily intake of 50,000 – 100,000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin A for several months in emulsified form are helpful.

Vitamin B6 : 50 – 250 mg tablets or pills twice daily in menstrual-related acne

Vitamin C : 250 – 1000 mg thrice daily; they are great natural antibiotic, antioxidant and stress reliever.

Zinc: 25 – 45 mg thrice daily. Reduce the dosage if you suffer from diarrhea.

Lemon Juice as Acne Home Remedy

Diluted lemon juice mixed with water can be applied externally for its antiseptic and astringent effect.

Orange Peel as Acne Home Remedy

Grind the orange peel or blend it before dilution with water. Apply the paste on the affected acne spots.

Cucumber as Acne Home Remedy

Cucumber has a cooling effect on our skin. Slice the cucumber and place them on the acne areas for 20 minutes. Do this regularly and it will help curb acne outbreaks.

Raw Garlic as Acne Home Remedy

Raw garlic can be applied externally on the acne lesions as well consumed to purge toxins in the body.

Tea Tree Oil as Acne Home Remedy

Apply tea tree oil on the infected pores as an antibiotic treatment.

Acne Home Remedies Diet

1. Maintain 6 – 8 weeks of non-saturated fat diet.

This means that you will stick to a strict diet of:

a. Raw vegetable juice
b. Non-citrus fruits
c. Salads
d. Vegetable and seaweed soup
e. Whole grains
f. Vegetarian proteins like tofu and beans
g. Skim yoghurt
h. Green vegetables such as carrots, onions, garlic, watercress, kelp, sprouts, dandelion greens and nettles

2. Avoid Junk Foods, Fried Foods and Soft Drinks

3. Go on a vegetable juice fast for 1 – 7 days. Repeat this fortnightly or monthly.

These are just a handful of acne home remedies you can apply if you are suffering from acne. Find out how you can use special acne home remedies to cure your acne problem within 3 days naturally, easily and permanently from a long-time acne sufferer who finally won the battle against acne.

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