6 Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common incident among many people today. Men, women, and even children suffer some form of hair loss or the other. One thing you should know is that we all lose between 50 and 100 hair strands everyday. This should not scare you as it is a perfectly normal thing among many people and trichologists -doctors that specialize in hair diseases and anomalies- back those claims up. But in instances when we seem to lose more hair than necessary, what do we do? Imagine this scenario:

Katie wakes up in the morning to do her morning toiletries. On waking up, she notices that she's got hair strands all over her pillow albeit in small quantities. She is concerned but gives no further thought to it until she goes into the bathroom to take a shower and sees large quantities of her hair on the bathroom floor. Obviously this scares her and she immediately books an appointment with a trichologist.

This scenario happens to most people. But by that time, it is usually too late as the harm has been done -they have lost their hair when it could have been prevented. Before we proceed to looking at how to prevent hair loss, we need to understand that we cannot prevent hair loss in some instances. When they set in, it is better to let it run its course. An example of this is what you see in pregnant women. If a pregnant woman starts losing her hair, there is nothing she can do about it except of course ensure she gets enough nutrients and wait until she gives birth. After delivery, her hair will automatically grow. But for those of us who are not pregnant, here are some steps we can take to avoid and prevent hair loss:
o Avoid brushing the hair excessively. Most people are guilty of this
o Always make sure you oil your hair properly
o Drink lots of water. At least eight glasses a day will do you a lot of good. Avoid too much sugary drinks. In their place, you might just take fruits.
o Avoid high sugar intake
o Try to balance up the situations in your life. If you are going through a stressful situation, it can contribute to hair loss. Your normal body metabolism doesn't function well during periods of intense stress. So, if you've got a stressful situation, fix it
o Eat high nutrient foods. Not junk. They hardly contain the adequate nutrient you need to keep your body system functioning
These are just some tips that will help you prevent hair loss and keep you in great health.

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